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Defending the Indefensible. Predictable!

delRosario Family says:  What the hell are you people talking about??? You have no clue what the hell you’re talking about…. if you don’t know our family outside of reputations and gossip, then you shouldn’t be giving your 2 cents, which isn’t worth a piece of sh*t anyway. Unfortunately, delRosario Family, the proof seems to […]

The Bell Tolls for Mariano del Rosario

venusvictrix says: I do not know where Mariano del Rosario matriculated. I only know that he was born Jan 10, 1947 in New York City and he grew up there. Oh! Mariano del Rosario grew up? I missed that part. His behavior makes it seem he’s got a terminal case of the terrible twos… Unfortunately, […]

Mariano del Rosario’s Trail of Tears

venusvictrix says: Yes, the country club where his sons teach football is the same well known country club where Mariano “Juni” del Rosario was hanging out and telling everyone what a great business man he is…the few times I did go to the country club I would see his name posted in the “delinquent accounts” […]

Mariano del Rosario Gets Wikified

venusvictrix says: Mariano was the only one who stayed with my Mom. My Mom didnt mind as it was only for a few months. She did it out of friendship with Mariano’s sister. Again, I continue to be shocked that Mariano del Rosario’s sister (Natividad “Nena” del Rosario-Villanueva) would place your mother in harm’s way […]

Is Mariano del Rosario Doomed?

venusvictrix says:  Something else I just found out today. Mariano del Rosario has been applying for a job with the office of Veterans Affairs in CA. I hope they do a background check on him. Don’t worry. If Mariano del Rosario’s sister won’t repay the debt — as she should, at this point, since she […]