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Defending the Indefensible. Predictable!

delRosario Family says:  What the hell are you people talking about??? You have no clue what the hell you’re talking about…. if you don’t know our family outside of reputations and gossip, then you shouldn’t be giving your 2 cents, which isn’t worth a piece of sh*t anyway.

The Avenger

The Avenger

Unfortunately, delRosario Family, the proof seems to be in Venus’ pudding rather than yours. As Nena del Rosario Villanueva sent her brother, Mariano del Rosario, into the home of a woman who trusted her, completely, and as that trust was repaid with “disinterest” when Mariano scammed Venus, the daughter of the woman who did Nena the favor of opening her home to Mariano, you doth protest too much.

Like many other people, Mariano hit a really bad streak of bad luck. He has always been a great father and decent man. He would do anything for his family, as would any good father.

I’m sure he would do anything for his family. Unfortunately, he will do pretty much anything to others, including steal their inheritances and then give them bad checks written on closed accounts. Were Mariano del Rosario an honorable man who’d simply hit a bad patch, he would have been sending (re)payments to Venus rather than focusing on his tennis game. And he would not have been lying to her about his health and ability to work.

His shenanigans at Concorde, referenced in another comment on this blog, also make your contentions seem ludicrous. Such behavior (always at others’ expense) seems his MO rather than an aberration.

Where do any of you get the balls to trash someone you don’t know?

Where do you get blinders big enough to accommodate an x-large, thick pair of rose-colored glasses? Should you truly care about Mariano del Rosario, it would behoove you to do an intervention — and pay off his debt to Venus rather than shrug your shoulders, believing she should accept her loss, quietly. That the family knows of this travesty and does nothing to right the grievous wrong speaks volumes (about the del Rosario family).

Do the right thing! Return to Venus the inheritance from her late mother which was, for all intents and purposes, stolen by Mariano del Rosario. This is a story you cannot spin to your advantage…


  1. ronal1434 says:

    I have been following this blog for some time praying that this lady gets her money back.

    From the comment of someone supposedly from the del Rosario family, it appears that they are either missing the point or refuse to see the point completely. The issue at hand is not whether Mariano is a good father or not. I am sure Madoff was a good father too. The issue is that Mariano has long overdue unpaid debts as evidenced by the bounced checks he issued.

  2. vicky says:

    The comment from someone of Mariano del Rosario being a great father made me laugh! Its always the kids who are the last to know where their parents get the money to feed them, house them, send them to school, buy cars for them, send them on trips etc. Besides any kid wouldnt question where Daddy got the money to buy him/her a new car or send him/her on a vacation. All the kid would see is the new car or plane ticket and a “generous” father.

    I am willing to bet that Mariano del Rosario used the money he scammed out of Venus to give his kids everything they asked for and not for his “business ventures”.

    So typical of these types.

    Pay Venus back, Mariano!

  3. WmWilliams says:

    I agree about the willful blindness of children — especially spoiled children. My daddy is a great daddy so I don’t want to hear that he steals from people in order to give me everything I want and the people he steals from should shut up and go away? It’s dreadful! It looks as though the whole del Rosario family is corrupt if this is the sort of argument they make on his behalf. I hope you manage to shame them all and get this poor woman her money back from Mariano del Rosario. He wrote bad checks on a closed account and it appears he made no good faith payments after doing that! A good man would not be lying about his health and finances and playing tennis instead of trying to make up for what he did. I agree he is probably using his tennis club to find new people to steal from. I have known too many people like Mariano del Rosario — and they all go to church and talk about how much they love God and Jesus!! May God have mercy on their souls, but I hope the rest of their life on this earth is visited by Satan.

  4. professore says:

    When I first started reading this blog I felt sorry for del Rosario and his family. After I finished reading all of the posts and comments I was wishing you were a lot harder on him. The comment from someone in his family is what made me feel sorry for him but I read it again now and it makes me sick and very angry.

    The other people posting comments are right! Families that benefit from stolen money don’t ever care where the money comes from as long as they can have anything they want whenever they want it and they never have to worry about money. Mariano’s family doesn’t want to think about the bad things he does to hurt other people they just want to wear designer clothes and drive nice cars and travel and enjoy themselves.

    Sometimes I wish I didn’t have to work so hard in this life but I think the old cliche is true that behind every fortune is a crime. I have known a lot of kids from families like the del Rosarios and I thank God every day that I am not that selfish and shallow and uncaring. Love of money is definitely the root of all evil.

    I hope Venus gets her money back and I hope all the people who think about loaning money or doing business with Mariano del Rosario will find this blog first! You are doing a good thing with this blog. Like someone else said, now I will never forget the name Mariano del Rosario.

  5. cris says:

    I know someone who used to live near Mariano del Rosario in the Philippines. Mariano del Rosario even tried to get that person to “invest” in his call center business. Thank goodness the man I know didnt do it. The former neighbour heard that Mariano del Rosario was using the money he got from his investors for paying for trips abroad, playing tennis everyday, eating in expensive restaurants and having affairs with women!

    I was told that the neighbours would hear Mariano del Rosario shouting and verbally abusing his wife. Other times it sounded like he was throwing and breaking things in the house. I was happy to read in this blog that the wife left him. No woman should sacrifice herself by staying married to an abusive man.

  6. venusvictrix says:

    To all of you who posted supportive comments in this blog….THANK YOU! It is very encouraging to know that there are decent and honest people in this world and I have kind people rooting for me to get my money back.

    I read all the comments and was surprised when someone else who knows about Mariano del Rosario posted a comment about him spending money on affairs with other women. I wasnt going to talk about that but I have a story about that too.

    Mariano del Rosario started an affair with a friend of a friend when he was still living with my mother. I know the woman he had an affair with but I did not know anything about the affair until after my mother passed and I already loaned Mariano money. My friend told me about the affair because she was so upset. She told me Mariano convinced this woman to sell a lot of her things and get ready to relocate to another part of the Philippines where he was supposedly starting a business and he was telling her she could be in charge of the business because she was investing a lot of money and getting good connections for him. He also promised her that he was going to leave his wife in a few months and then they would be together. This woman was very well off and very well connected and I knew right away that he wanted to use her for her money and connections. I wish I knew about that before I loaned him my inheritance because I would never have loaned him the money and I would know what kind of man he really is.

    Of course he did not have a business in that other place but he continued stringing the woman along and it really upset my friend which is why she told me. He would take her out to expensive restaurants all the time and probably paid for everything with my inheritance! I felt so sorry for his wife and sons. He was doing all of this while his wife and children were getting settled here in the Philippines.

    Thank you to everyone who is praying for me and I hope other people who know Mariano del Rosario will keep posting their stories!

  7. Gotcha Guru says:

    This is a GREAT blog! I can’t say who or why but I found you because a friend asked me if I know anything about Mariano del Rosario. I never heard the name before so I just put his name in google and found this blog. I will tell my friend to read your blog now. Mariano del Rosario is a very stupid man. He should have just paid Venus her money. He says that he works in high tech industries but I don’t know how he is going to keep all of his skeletons in his closet when they are all coming out on the internet. I am very happy I found you and you just saved my friend a lot of heartache. Good job!

  8. greek salsa says:

    This story about Mariano del Rosario is very interesting but also sickning. I hope more people will post their stories about him. I dont know how he thinks he will get to steal from other people or find a job now. I work for a hotel chain and we use the internet to look for information before we hire managers or desk clerks or even maids! I hope Venus gets her money back!!

  9. Rikki S. says:

    I am shocked and happy to find this blog. I know someone who had a very bad experience with Mariano del Rosario but she was too embarrassed to let anyone know she ever believed him so she never tried to get her money back. I will tell her about this blog and I hope she will write her story too. At least she will know that a lot of people were fooled by Mariano del Rosario and maybe she will stop feeling guilty like she was the only one. I hope Venus will get her money back. Mariano del Rosario will be very stupid not to pay her because he is getting a worse and worse reputation.

  10. Evan Rogers says:

    I think Mariano del Rosario steals mostly from women because if he did these things to men he would probably be dead. He probably screws men over at work and if I ever hear there was a workplace shooting at his company I will not be surprised. Mariano del Rosario is a small time criminal compared to the criminals on Wall Street and in the government but he can still ruin a lot of lives. I hope this blog makes it really hard for him to steal from any other people now. Good job!

  11. Keeley O. says:

    I read all your blog and Mariano del Rosario makes me sick!!!!! He is a scum PIG!!!!! I hope Venus will get her money soon.

  12. Alexis Correa says:

    I feel sorry for Mariano del Rosario. He will burn in Hell even if he did go to church every day and says he loves Jesus. The Bible says the love of money is the root of all evil and Mariano del Rosario is doing a lot of evil because he loves money so much. Jesus said that whatever someone does to another person its the same as doing it to Him so Mariano del Rosarion is also stealing from Jesus and making it so Jesus can’t have a operation He needs. I hope Mariano del Rosario will repent and start to live a better life before its too late. I am praying for Venus.

  13. Geoffrey James says:

    I agree with everyone who says Mariano del Rosario is evil and STUPID! He would have less problems if he just payed Venus. Now everyone will know about him. I found your blog looking for a call center and now our whole board knows about Mariano del Rosario. When we make our final choice we will first make sure the call center is not associated with him in any way. If his bad karma does not catch up to him soon he will still have to answer to his maker one day. His family that commented makes me sick too. GJ

  14. ValDell says:

    This is a good blog although Mariano del Rosario can keep stealing if people are too stupid to check the internet before they loan money to him or invest in his business he doesn’t really have. I am praying for Venus too but I will also pray that Mariano del Rosario and his greedy spoiled family will wake up and change before it’s too late. They remind me of why the Bible says it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven! I think almost all rich people are rich because they steal and I don’t think it is worse to steal a lot instead of stealing a little bit. I felt like I was going to PUKE when I read the comment from the del Rosario family!!

  15. sub parr says:

    mariano del rosario will ROT IN HELL!!!!! people who go to church all the time and talk about how much they love Jesus then steal are the worst.

  16. todomoto says:

    Thiefs like Mariano del Rosario make it hard for good people to be nice. You try to treat everyone the way you will like to be treated but then you get ripped off just for being a nice person who tries to help. I know guys like Mariano del Rosario and they think they are so smart when really they are just evil. He belongs in jail just like Madoff but maybe he will wind up dead at the bottom of a swimming pool like his pig friend in Palm Beach this weekend who stole SEVEN BILLION DOLLARS using Madoffs’ company. Even the del Rosario family will have to answer to God if that comment shows how they really feel. I hope they choke on all that stolen money!

  17. Emily Harrison says:

    I agree with all the people who posted about Mariano del Rosario and his family. He is a crook and a pig and an ass hat and all the other names they call him and his family is worse if they think Venus is suppose to feel sorry for Mariano del Rosario! When I was reading about his tennis club when he is telling her he needs a heart operation and he can’t work I felt like I will have a heart attack I was so mad. I hope Venus gets her money back and everyone reads this blog about Mariano del Rosario so he can never steal from anyone else. I hope everyone from his church reads this blog! His family is disgusting too. Emily

  18. Annie Gunnar says:

    Mariano del Rosario belongs in jail and the person from his family who wrote that comment needs to be in a crazy hospital! I hate rich people because all the ones I know are crazy and STUPID STUPID STUPID! They believe everything they do is okay and God loves them better than poor people so it is okay to steal from poor people. I am praying for Venus to get her money back too. Good blog!

  19. daddy peacebucks says:

    The del Rosario family member who commented sounds as bad as Mariano del Rosario or maybe even worse since they take the money he steals and think the victim should be quiet. Why don’t they give Venus her money back????? If I found out that my rich lifestyle and all my luxuries were paid for with stolen money I would feel terrible and do everything I could to pay the victims back even if I had to sell everything I own but I have a conscience and I care about other people. I don’t think the del Rosarios care about anyone but themselves if this is how they act. I am like a lot of the other commenters because I read this blog and I feel sick to my stomach.

  20. maxdwyer says:

    mariano del rosario what a JERK
    i hope this lady gets her money he stole
    hes lucky i dont play at his tennis club
    good blog

  21. jtandy says:

    my uncle lives in burlingame i will ask him if he knows mariano del rosario you have to be very rich to live there i think mariano is not rich or he would pay venus fast i will post if my uncle has any stories about mariano del rosario

  22. surprised says:

    I played tennis with this guy not long ago.
    He seemed to be very friendly, but he talked WAY TOO much. He told me he had a triple bypass surgery couple years ago, and that he had problems with his knees, he does not get around the court well, but has a strong serve.

    I didn’t get that he was a dishonest guy, but also how would I know? Surprising.
    Anyway TennisSF is NOT a club, it is an online service for people who want to find matches, so they simply help people w meetups for games and matches.

  23. francish says:

    what a doosh he better not steal from any of the woman in my family like a lot of other people who read this blog i will remember the name mariano del rosario

  24. jonbright says:

    i don’t know how guys like this dirt bag sleep at night

  25. pikespique says:

    too bad you cant call tony soprano

  26. Viola Maxwell says:

    I run a call center and I never even heard of this guy or his pretend company that doesn’t have a website. His job has probably been stealing for a long long time. I laughed when I saw the words flim flam man because its so true and I never heard anyone but my parents and their friends use that term for a con artist. If Mariano Del Rosario ever ran call centers they were probably dumps in Vegas or Laughlin that closed every 30 days and then opened again under another name. He sounds like the type. I hope Venus gets her money back. Viola

  27. clairedaloon says:

    Mariano del Rosario and his whole family sound like losers and sleezbags but I would be all over that sister. I cant believe she asked her friend to let him live with her! She has bad karma now too.

  28. IndiaCutty says:

    I would die of embarrassment if Mariano del Rosario was my father. I think it is unfortunate that his sons have not repaid his debt to Venus. People will believe they are like him.

  29. maricar says:

    Hi. When I read this blog I decided I have to tell this story. I knew the late Mother of Venus. She was a good friend of my own Mother. I visited the Mom of Venus many times when she was in the hospital before she passed away.

    A few months ago I bumped into the ex of Mariano del Rosario. We belong to the same sports club. In the course of our conversation I noticed her earrings. They were the same design, to a tee, of the earrings that I often saw the Mom of Venus wearing for many years. Each time I visited the Mom of Venus in the hospital, she was wearing those earrings. I even remember telling her that she should not wear those diamond earrings in the hospital as they might get stolen.

    Well those earrings were “lost” shortly before the Mom of Venus died. Venus told me that she noticed the earrings missing when she visited her Mom one day and her Mom wasn’t using them. By that time the Mom of Venus was bedridden, undergoing dialysis and she was under a lot of medication for a hip bone infection. Venus had told me that she questioned the nurses, staff etc looking for the earrings. Venus asked her Mom about them. The Mom told her that she had put them in her bag by her bedside. She was told by the nurses that her Mom had several visitors that day.

    So for all these years, those earrings have been considered “lost.” In my mind, I was thinking that one of the less than honest nurses took them.

    I was so surprised to see the ex of Mariano using those same earrings. I know those earrings were made especially for the Mom of Venus, so there can be no two alike.

    As casually as I could, I told the ex of Mariano how pretty her earrings were. She took one off to let me take a closer look at it. She said that Mariano del Rosario had it copied from the earrings of the mother of Venus.

    Copied?! No way! I know those earrings. I have seen the Mom of Venus use them over many years. Holding it in my hand I knew the workmanship of the person who made it specially for the late Mom of Venus. Those are the earrings that were supposebly lost.

    So, since I know that Mariano is not exactly an honest person, it is no stretch of the imagination to think that he stole the earrings from the late Mom of Venus and gave them to his then-wife.

    Mariano had to make up a story for his ex-wife about the earrings. He was probably hoping that Venus or anyone who knows her late Mom would not run into his ex-wife and remember the jewelry.

    He is sadly mistaken! There are a lot of people who were close to the late Mom of Venus. Not just older people, but people like me who were close to her. She was great cook and taught many how to bake. I for one learned how to bake great cakes from her.

    Mariano del Rosario you are a thief! Not only have you stolen the inheritance of Venus, you actually stole the diamond earrings of her late Mom when the lady was sick in the hospital.

    May Karma be visited upon your head in the fullest!

  30. zoomzoom says:

    mariano del rosario needs to be in jail with all the politicians and bankers and everyone from wall street they are all thieves and they need to be locked away forever

  31. Paul Charles says:

    Thanks to the complete break down of moral codes guys like Mariano are everywhere. I agree when he stole the money it was bad but stealing the earrings from a dying woman is a sign that he is more evil than he looked when he was just stealing money. I read that he goes to church all the time but I wonder if he goes to confession. Even if he never confesses his sins God knows what he does. I hope Venus will get her money back and every person who wants to do business with del Rosario will find this blog.

  32. obtuse recluse says:

    I found your blog looking for Mariano del Rosario the artist. I am glad you had a picture of this Mariano del Rosario because I was afraid I bought art made by a criminal. I was reading your blog all morning and I feel bad for Venus. I hope this evil man gives her back her money and her mother’s earings. He is really stupid if he thinks people who know him won’t find this blog and see who he really is. At least he will look better if he pays the money back and returns the earings but I would not trust him after that either. I will pray that Venus gets her operation.

  33. Ed Stroud says:

    I was looking for call centers and found your blog. If a business does not have a web site it is hard to believe its a real business. I showed your blog to my boss and he laughed that Mariano del Rosario is so stupid he did not make a web site. If you steal money from a family friend you have to be crazy. If you steal from people who are in the hospital dying and then go to church! God will wish you did not go to church at all. I was shocked when I read the whole story. Good blog.

  34. heresjohnny says:

    you need to find some people he stole from here and get him arrested and in jail. i bet he stole from a lot of people and not all in the filipines.

  35. Casey Steiner says:

    Mariano del Rosario should be in jail! If I stole some dvds I would probly be in jail. He stole 55 thousand dollars and diamond earrings and probly a lot more from other people and he is still free living in Burlingame which is for rich people only. That pisses me off. I agree Venus should get her money back and also her mothers earrings. Casey in Oakland

  36. Mike S. says:

    I knew this guy a long time ago in New York. He was always a shady character and none of your stories surprise me. I think he steals because he is just too lazy to work at a real job and now I know he is also very stupid. I can’t stop laughing that he runs a high tech scam and does not have a website even if the domain is still available. I am tempted to buy it just so he can’t but I don’t need more domains. I hope with everybody else that Venus gets her money and her mother’s earrings back. I will tell my friends that story.

  37. Dennis N. says:

    I know junkies who have more morals than this guy. He should live on the streets and eat garbage every day not live in Burlingame.

  38. Totie Langella says:

    I feel so bad for Venus. I hope she gets her money and earrings.

  39. Bekka Dinar says:

    Its hard to read your blog and not get mad. When I read about him stealing the earrings from her mother in the hospital I couldn’t believe it. What kind of person can go to church and do these things?????

  40. Wes Baden says:

    If I lived in Burlingame I would go find del Rosario and ask him to his face what kind of person steals earrings from a woman in the hospital and then steals the inheritance from the daughter after the woman is dead. My wife said this is a good movie for the lifetime channel. We both hope Venus will get her money and earrings back from this turd.

  41. Gabe Best says:

    The other posters said all the same things I am thinking so I just want to say I hope Venus gets her mother’s earrings and all her money back too.

  42. Nan Zabriskie says:

    Mariano del Rosario has to know about this blog by now. He is SO STUPID NOT TO PAY!!!!! Now everyone will know he stole money AND earrings from a woman in the hospital!!!!! It will get worse if more people find this blog and write their stories about him. It’s creepy to think there are women who will have affairs with a man like this.

  43. Vail Girl says:

    I’m a waitress in a town for rich people and almost all of them are shitty human beings. This blog is interesting but there are lots of people like Mariano del Rosario. I’m not surprised his family is rich but I agree they are stupid not to pay Venus and now give her back her earrings. This kind of publicity can cause problems for all of them so I am glad you made this blog. Sometimes I wish I could do a blog like this but I would lose my job.

  44. carrcrazy says:

    someone stole my moms wedding and engagement rings when she was in the hospital and we didnt know until after she died and we got all her things. my dad said theres a special place in hell for people who would do something like that. i am praying for venus.

  45. secretsurfer says:

    The person in his family who defended him has a lot of nerve. Rich people always think regular people should just forget about it when they break the law.

  46. Deb Harden says:


  47. Ram Tough says:

    get this guy

  48. Nora Roberts says:

    I wonder if the “family member” who defended him was really Mariano del Rosario himself. If it was really a family member I hope they still read this blog. Maybe they can tell themselves he stole money because he was having a hard time but what kind of hard time makes a person steal jewelry from a woman who is dying and giving the jewelry to his wife pretending he had it made for her? If I was the wife I would want to know and not have everybody talking behind my back. If I was Mariano del Rosario I would pay Venus fast and give her back her mother’s earrings so people would stop talking about me on the internet.

  49. Professor Plum says:

    I think Mariano del Rosario did not get a web site for his “call center” because he does not know anything about high tech businesses or the internet and he steals “investments” from people who do not know anything about high tech businesses or the internet. It will be harder and harder for him to steal because more people learn about the internet every day. People who use the internet will google him before they give him money and they will find this blog. He is a very stupid man and his crimes will catch up with him.

    The story about the earrings is disturbing but I am not surprised that he goes to church regularly. Whenever I read about people like this I am more surprised if they do not hide behind God and Jesus. I was surprised that Nena Villanueva asked her good friend to allow this man in her home however. That is one of the most shocking things in this story. I agree she is responsible for everything that happened. She had to know what her brother is like. This is scandalous behavior from her! I too hope you can help Venus get her money and earrings returned. Professor Plum

  50. Maria D. says:

    I am sad that Nena Villanueva would be involved in such a thing. She is a very talented pianist but her music is now ruined for me. Her friend must have trusted her so much and did not know what a big mistake that was. I think what Nena did is as bad as her brother stealing the diamond earrings from a woman who was so kind to him and giving them to his wife. Many people in the Philippines will know what this family has done. The social circles are very small here. My son showed me this blog and I know many others will see it. It’s true Mariano is very stupid not to pay Venus her money and return the earrings. I will pray for her.

  51. kent sedgewick says:

    interesting blog. the lifetime movie comment is true. maybe venus can get her money back from selling her story. my wife watches lifetime and she loves these movies. they probably film a new one every day. she could probably get more than 55 thousand dollars for her story because of the earrings he stole in the hospital and gave to his wife.

  52. pvt noclass says:

    worthless piece of shit stealing from a woman in the hospital mutherfucker

  53. Genevieve Jourdan says:

    Someone must to tell this wife if she still have the jewelry. If everyone will know but her is not fair to the wife unless she know they are stolen. If my husband do this I will want to know absolument!

  54. Gregg Paul says:

    Stealing is bad but stealing jewelry from a woman who is in the hospital dying and then giving the jewelry to your wife and then stealing the dead woman’s money from her daughter is so bad I am shocked like everyone else. Mariano del Rosario and his sister are working with the devil. God will forgive them but they still have to pay for what they do. I hope Venus will be okay.

  55. noshit sherlock says:

    this guy has shit for brains if he is not paying her money back and giving back the earrings he stole from her mother every day more people know what kind of person he is his family sucks too

  56. UCBerzerk says:

    Too bad Mariano del Rosario didn’t have a crystal ball when he stole the earrings. EPIC fail!

  57. JAY STAFFORD says:


  58. Howard Marian says:

    Anybody who is thinking about investing in his fake business will find this blog. If someone could believe paying Venus with bad checks was a mistake they will read the story about the diamond earrings and know he is just a pure thief. That is more shocking. Howard

  59. Katie Morgan says:

    This story is so sad. I feel sorry for Venus but also for Mariano and his family. God will not forget what they did just because they go to church.

  60. bravehardt says:

    if he steals from a woman who is dying and gives it to his wife and steals from the dead womans daughter and pays for his family luxury he can do anything bad. i think there are worst stories we dont even know on this blog.

  61. iounothing says:

    I hope Venus can get her money and her mother’s earring back. I am glad I never met Mariano del Rosario and his family.

  62. Cutie Pi says:

    stealing from a woman in the hospital zomg thats so wrong my mom is in the hospital i will get her jewelry today and put it in the safe i hope venus is good mariano is STUPID STUPID STUPID not to pay her when it is so easy to find this blog

  63. Russ Conrad says:

    We are lucky to have the internet for stories like this. If Mariano del Rosario does not give Venus her money and earrings his problems will get worse and worse every day of his life then he will have to answer to his Maker on Judgment Day and that is worst of all. I would spit on him in church but I also pity him.

  64. ru4real says:

    mariano del rosario is on my official shit list now and i dont even know him!!!!! i am praying for venus to.

  65. Ed Cohen says:

    This will be a good story for my ethics class. We could probably talk about him and his sister and his wife and his kids for weeks but the semester is almost over. I know my dad will say this is Shakespearean. There are so many thieves in the world and the worst are rich. Maybe you could get a local news channel in Burlingame to do a story about Mariano del Rosario. If he did not pay Venus and give her back her earrings after that at least everyone who saw the news would know about him. Good luck!

  66. homerdoh says:

    what a dirtbag

  67. Frank Murph says:

    The earring story is sick. Its a good idea to call the news where he lives. Almost every channel does stories to help people get there money back. Everyone should know he will steal from a person who is dying.

  68. Astrid de Noya says:

    It is difficult to understand how Nena Villanueva del Rosario could refuse to help her good friend’s daughter after causing all of these problems. I think she does not know about your blog. This scandal would be very hurtful to her reputation. If she was aware that her brother did these terrible things she would take care of her obligation to avoid greater scandal. I must believe she does not know her brother stole the diamond earrings from her friend. I pray it is only a misunderstanding and the family will resolve Mariano’s debts to Venus for their good name.

  69. B. Knight says:

    Its true rich people are the worst. If Mariano del Rosario or his family comes for dinner hide the silverware! I would call the news channels in San Francisco and ask them for help. Good idea.

  70. Patty Davis says:

    This is the most disgusting story I read in a long time. I hope Venus will ask the news channels to help her get her money and her mothers’ earrings. If he was on the internet and on tv I think he will pay and get the earrings back from his wife. I am praying for Venus too.

  71. Micah Petersen says:

    There is much shame on all of this family. I will send this story to my prayer circle. We will pray for Venus and for the del Rosario family. They have a problem in their soul.

  72. Veronica Balfour says:

    I have close friends in Burlingame and I will tell them about your blog. Good luck to Venus.

  73. going coastal says:

    I think if you wait long enough many people will write their story about Mariano del Rosario on your blog. Maybe even worse than the earings story. He will do anything if he does something like that. His sister is a bitch not to help Venus when she started all these problems.

  74. Nick Corelli says:

    Like everyone I am shocked that this man stayed with a friend of his sister, stole her earrings when she was in the hospital dying, gave the stolen earrings to his wife, and then stole the inheritance of this woman’s daughter. Maybe he also tried to steal this money from the mother when she was alive, we can not know. I hope your blog will bring Justice for Venus.

  75. MichaelJohns says:

    Epic FAIL for sure. So bad its hee larious. Mariano del Rosario was thinking he is smart and no one will ever know what he does but if he is really smart he will pay Venus and give her the earrings before everyone knows about him. I don’t think his wife knows she is wearing stolen jewelry from a dead woman. Creepy!

  76. shop jock says:

    douchebag needs to pay and pay and pay

  77. Ginny Goodman says:

    Your blog is good but it makes me feel sad. I don’t know why people act this way. I believe God will get Mariano del Rosario and his sister Nena and there whole family if this is how they act. It might take a long time but it will happen. I will pray Mariano gives Venus her money and earrings but people like him do not change very much even if they go to church. I am shocked about the earrings. Ginny

  78. Sister Agnes says:

    May God have mercy upon the del Rosario family. I will say a rosary for Venus. One of my students read your blog. God works miracles in strange ways. God Bless.

  79. IndieSmithee says:

    The story about the earrings is outragious. If that happened to my mom I would go to the wife and get them back myself. OUTRAGIOUS!

  80. Conrad Binghamton says:

    I do not believe Mariano del Rosario lives in Burlingame. There is no listing for him in any of our directories and there is no listing for a Global Call International anywhere in this area. This type of person would not be accepted in the community. Just the hint of such scandal would make him an outcast no matter how much money he has. The only “evidence” that this man lives in Burlingame is from his own information placed on social and business network websites. People can say anything on those websites.

    I am sorry for Venus’ troubles but this is what happens when money is loaned without due diligence. The theft of her mother’s earrings is another matter. I hope they will be returned.

  81. Thai Ghai says:

    America is too easy for rich people who steal. Nothing happen to them for there crimes. I hope all the world see Mariano del Rosario and he will be stop.

  82. Sebastian LaCroix says:

    It does not help Venus now but he will pay for all the terrible things he did one day. The most difficult thing to understand is how he can go to church and steal jewels from a dying woman. Shocking!

  83. gamebuoy says:

    this dude is SICK! im not perfect and i did some bad things when i was young but when i was the most worst i never steal from a hospital and a woman who is going to die. one time i stole from my friends mom but i felt bad and later i payed her back more than i stole. sometimes i still feel bad i did that. i dont think marino de rosario feels bad he stole from venus and her mother or even other people or he will try to pay.

  84. MiraBelle says:

    The story about stealing from the hospital when she is dying is the most awful thing I read in a long time. I hope Venus can get her money back. His sister should help if she can!! She started all this problem and I feel embarassed FOR her if she helps her brother steal and pretends she does not know what he is doing. I am so happy I don’t have friends like her!!!!

  85. Texas Tigress says:

    Mariano del Rosario would have BIG problems if he was doing these things in Texas! Good luck to Venus. I hope you can get him deported and have justice in the Filipines.

  86. ooh lala says:

    Criminals like mariano del rosario will have more problems then really rich people or in the goverment. I hope he will pay Venus soon and giver her the earings from her mom.

  87. Eddie Fiero says:

    Excellent blog. Really an eye opener about the scum that is out there in life.

  88. Michelle says:

    Mariano del Rosario would have BIG problems if he was doing these things in Texas! Good luck to Venus. I hope you can get him deported and have justice in the Filipines.

  89. bakali chello says:

    wow. i very enjoy reading your blog. if you get monie from this bad man great. i will say he is snake but snake is more than him.

  90. Alana says:

    Did Venus get her money back?
    Did Mariano have a heart attack?
    Don’t cut him any slack, Jack!

  91. gilad says:

    that whole family is messed up

  92. Elmo Roberts says:

    Mariano del Rosario is just a small time con man. I don’t know why so many women loan money to these guys. I bet the signs were all there when Venus loaned him the money. What a punk. You have to be a real low life to pull that crap on women.