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Happy Labor Day 2009

It’s a holiday weekend for many, an unpaid holiday for most who actually labor, and no picnic for those who are unhappily unemployed. High on our Official Shit List is the practice of having citizens foot the bill for government employees’ paid holidays and benefits rarely enjoyed by those who pick up the tab. And, on Labor Day, we always give special thanks to those who toil in the fields and the shadows. Their often back-breaking drudgery makes our “lifestyle” possible…and now — to the shits!

Classico di Roma: Shits Arrabiata

Classico di Roma: Shits Arrabiata

We’d like to have a bit of a holiday, too, so have decided to saunter slowly down Memory Lane.

Classico Shits!

This is the case which started it all, and it has never been resolved to our satisfaction.

Full disclosure this weekend.


  1. evalarue says:

    I wish you would talk more about Mariano del Rosario. I don’t even know him but I want to see him go down!

  2. iluv10is says:

    i found your blog looking for tennis in nocal. i wish you would tell us whats happening w mariano del rosario. this is like a mystery w the last page gone.