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X3 TGP: Repaying ComusThumbs & Tony’s Debt

X3 TGP Script Better Than ComusThumbs

X3 TGP Script

Thanks for all of your comments and suggestions. No response from Tony at comusthumbs but that’s not surprising. Most thieves don’t have consciences or they wouldn’t be the thieving lowlifes they are. Tony would probably steal walkers from little old ladies if there was money in it.

We did find a very good TGP script and will donate all proceeds from this affiliate to our friends’ rescue fund, so for those of you looking for TGP scripts, this is your chance to get what you need and do a good deed. X3 also has a number of free scripts, as well as traffic trackers — and an affiliate sign-up script for pay sites! We found loads of good webmaster reviews, too.

Friends don’t let friends support assholes! Purchase great products and scripts from X3 and help right Tony’s wrong while increasing your bottom line. Make money the old fashioned way — HONESTLY!


  1. Vince says:

    Smart move. I hope you can get your friends’ money back one way or another. I’ll check out X3. Definitely won’t be buying comusthumbs. If everyone looking for TGP script reviews finds your blog the jerkwad will wish he had just refunded their money. – Vince E.

  2. Than Han says:

    I come for TGP see you story.
    Tony very bad man.
    You friend okay I hope.
    No comusthumbs I try X3 thank you.

  3. tomtom says:

    tgp script reviews for me to. ill lok at x3. lots of good tgp scripts screw tony and comusthumbs. hope you make him pay.

  4. Cal says:

    I found you for the tgp scripts. Everyone can find you. Tony is an idiot.

  5. Vernon says:

    I was looking for comusthumbs reviews. Thanks for the lead to x3. Tony is a shit head.

  6. Xian says:

    Love of money is the root of all evil. I hope your friend’s will be ok.

  7. clark says:

    i was looking for tgp script reviews
    comusthumbs looked good for the free one
    i will go see x3 free scripts
    no way tonay

  8. cloud12 says:

    looking for tgp scripts
    fuck tony and comus

  9. lensmaster says:

    TGP script reviews for me too. Tony and comusthumbs off my list. Sorry about your friends hope they get their money.

  10. Karl M. says:

    Me twenty on the tgp script reviews. Tony has to be stupid not to pay before all his potential customers hate him without even trying comusthumbs. Jerkwad.

  11. T. Crandall says:

    First blog I found for comusthumbs tgp script reviews. I wouldn’t want to be Tony! Good luck getting your friends money back. TC

  12. Bob Roberts says:

    comusthumbs reviews for me too. screw tony i will go look at x3 tgp scripts. too many assholes in this world.

  13. Simon Moonbat says:

    I’m surprised Tony hasn’t paid your friends. He will lose more business than that from everyone finding your blog. I hope x3 is good. I found you also looking for tgp script reviews.

  14. Duncan says:

    Almost everyone is a thief now in business you have to be careful. I feel bad for your friends too. It was easy to find your blog for TGP script reviews so fuck Tony and comusthumbs. Every person should keep typing Tony and comusthumbs so all the searches for his scripts come here.

  15. Redman George says:

    A lot of big companies use comusthumbs but nobody likes to lose business and money. I have to get a tgp script if I want to compete but I’ll try X3. I agree Tony is being foolish not to give your friends their money back. I was going to buy now that he has a sale but I decided to check for reviews first.

  16. casey says:

    you should have some tgp script reviews on your blog or at least reviews thats how i found you. comusthumbs is too much trouble x3 is better and works faster.

  17. C++K says:

    tgp script reviews search definitely add some reviews here

  18. Phil Harmonic says:

    We are looking for a tgp script thanks for the lead to x3. I was searching for script reviews and found your blog. Another vote for Tony is an asshole doosh thief I would never use comusthumbs now.

  19. Arne Freeman says:

    Agreed you need to have reviews on this blog. I found you looking for TGP script reviews. I don’t know if I will use X3 but I can promise I won’t use Comusthumbs.

  20. Robert X says:

    Stealing from an animal group is animal cruelty.Your doing a good thing by getting the word out and I hope Tony goes into the toilet and takes comusthumbs with him. I looked for tgp reviews too and found you. I will look at x3.

  21. george gregory says:

    tony is a shmuck. comusthumbs sucks anyway. to much hassle.

  22. Beck says:

    What an asshole. I used comusthumbs a couple of years ago and was thinking to try it again. No way now I found your blog. I hope x3 is good comus had a lot of problems and I think Tony was skimming anyway. Sorry about your friends.

  23. Addison says:

    Tony is going to have payback one day. I was going to use the free comusthumbs to try first but not any more. Good blog.

  24. B. Murray says:

    I agree Tony is a dooshy tard hope your friends are okay I came here for tgp script reviews

  25. Levon says:

    I probly never should be shock by assholes but stealing from your friends is the same like stealing from the orphans he will burn in hell for sure and I need tgp script but no thanks I will not use comusthumbs

  26. Geoffrey says:

    Takes all kinds. What a jerk. Hope your friends get some money from him back.

  27. Phil says:

    will look at x3 wish you had more tgp script reviews glad to find you before I decided to use comusthumbs phil

  28. just passing thru says:

    okay i’ll play tony comusthumbs tony comusthumbs

  29. prani mithra says:

    i like x3 more then comusthumbs before even i read you blog tony very bad man i send my good wish for your friend

  30. Paul Newton says:

    tgp script reviews for me like everyone else
    tony from comusthumbs needs a good ass whuppin
    ill go look at x3

  31. Brendan Lucas says:

    fuck tony and comusthumbs what a slimeball thats sick stealing from people scumbag tool

  32. Donna K says:

    Me too for the tgp script reviews. I already saw comusthumbs and was thinking about trying their free version. Hope X3 is good! I might not decide to use X3 but I definately will NOT use comusthumbs. Tony should just give them back their money. This kind of publicity will make it very hard for him. Interesting blog. -dk

  33. Pierre says:

    I am starting to think it is hard to find business in America that does not steal. Every day too many stories like this one. I will read about the x3 tgp script and see if I like. I am glad I find your blog for comusthumbs. It is a popular script for webmasters so I will never know about this if you don’t write the blog. I don’t do business with thiefs because one day they will steal from me too.

  34. corey says:

    i tried comusthumbs a few years ago and they skim so if tony steals other ways i am not surprised

  35. Spiros says:

    Thanks for tell about Tony and Comusthumbs. I come for tgp script review. To bad for your friend I am sorry for that. Maybe X3 good I look.

  36. Chaz says:

    I agree Tony skims on free comusthumbs. Looks like he is screwing himself now as much as he screws everyone else. I feel bad for your friends. Hope you can make some money for them with X3.

  37. Sean says:

    I know it helps for traffic and seo so Tony Comusthumbs Tony Comusthumbs Tony Comusthumbs is messed up. Thanks for the tip! I was looking for Comusthumbs reviews and I thought it would be easy for them to skim. Now I know why he is having the big sale. Looks like everyone will know he is a thief if they do the research. Sorry about your friends. S

  38. nola guy says:

    i found you for the tgp script reviews
    guys like tony ruin it for the rest of us doing business on the internet
    comusthumbs must suck anyway if he has to cut the price so much
    i will go look at x3 i hope its good
    the people who said his bad karma will get him are right
    i hope we get to watch

  39. Paul K says:

    I can’t believe Tony still did not give your friends their money back because any one who looks for comusthumbs will find your blog and read what he did to your friends and the animals and also that people think he skims which is stupid stupid stupid. Thanks for the warning!

  40. Action Jackson says:

    Every body is right about comusthumbs it SUX and I think they skim too so Tony was always a thief sorry your friends got caught in his web.

  41. Edward H. says:

    Thank you for the warning about Tony and Comusthumbs. I am looking for a tgp script for my websites. Maybe X3 will be good I would never use Comusthumbs after reading your story even if no one said they skim. I hate people like Tony and there are lots of people like Tony. I hope your friends can get their money back from him. He is a LOSER!!!!! I agree his bad karma will get him.

  42. clark says:

    i hope this works for your friends
    i tried comusthumbs free tgp script a few years ago
    i agree they skim and take more than they say
    tony is a shit and comusthumbs is shit
    its good that you let everyone know

  43. Amber says:

    My brother told me about your blog. There are so many bad people in the world it scares me. Tony must make a lot of money from comusthumbs so why does he need to steal? If he has to steal why does he steal from animal rescue? I don’t get it! I hope everything is okay for your friends.

  44. Andy says:

    Thats what you need to do is just keep telling everyone about Tony and Comusthumbs and at least maybe you can help save other people if you can’t get the money back for your friends.

  45. Norman says:

    Tony is an asshole if he stole from your friends and I already heard from other webmasters that a lot of people think he skims with comusthumbs. I agree he is getting bad karma but he won’t care until it catches up with him. Sorry about your friends. -Norm

  46. Karl says:

    Yes keep telling everyone about Tony and comusthumbs! I was looking for tgp script reviews and I am glad I found your blog or maybe I would choose comusthumbs. I agree too many people steal especially on the internet if they have a way to steal that is hard to find out. Thank you for this blog I don’t know if I will use X3 but I know I will NOT use comusthumbs.

  47. russelbrussel says:

    Wow man keep it up

  48. Ramirez says:

    Tony did wrong but a lot of people like comusthumbs. Dont know why he stole from your friends.