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eGreetings & Salutations

Greetings from the Burning Bridges Collection: Permanently-Inaccessible

Trespassers Will Be Flamed

Official Shit List is proud to announce that we’ve added eCards to our arsenal. Never again be misinterpreted!

You spoke, we listened. It’s true that in the heat of passion few of us have the patience to wait days before responding. Now you don’t have to wait even a moment.

We’re adding new cards every day, and offer custom eCards, announcements, and invitations. The perfect response to every asshole and any miscarriage of justice!

Whether from the Use Your Words Collection, the Burning Bridges Collection, or the Say It With Sewage Collezione, for the cost of an itune you can let someone know their jig is up, their goose is cooked, you’re mad as hell and you’re not going to take it any more!. Don’t be shy. All proceeds benefit small animal rescue shelters.


  1. steve says:


  2. bret says:


  3. Zach H says:

    haha I book marked you so if I ever need to tell someone to fuck off I know where to go.

  4. Ken W says:

    I wish I had the email address for every telemarketer especially the ones who keep calling about elections and I will send tham these cards!

  5. Douglas says: