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Posts from ‘June, 2009’

Getting Busy Getting Justice

No matter how thoroughly one has been ripped off or betrayed, going after the culprit/s can prove an emotionally disruptive and “scary” course of action. No fan of confrontation, many is the time I chose to “let it go” rather than seek “justice.” It’s always been easier to wage these “campaigns” on behalf of others […]

A Page Is Born

Sadly, although most real-life travesties and tragedies lack soundtracks, it’s always shit o’clock, somewhere. So, what the hell. Since you asked, I will blog about the life and death of Michael Jackson. It will launch the second page on Official Shit List: the Daily Dump.

Sleazy Is As Sleazy Does

I recently discovered he also borrowed money from his sister and other members of his family. I dont think he paid them back either but they would be more forgiving. They are very well off. A few hundred thousand dollars wont make a dent in their finances.

Well, in that case — have you thought about asking them to repay you and then collect [or eat] the debt, themselves? If they introduced you to this “man” without telling you to watch your wallet, it would seem they might wish to accept some responsibility for your predicament. Especially if they’re loaded and you’re not. It would make sense, simply out of respect for the friendship with your mother.

VenusVictrix: The Plot Thickens

He claims to be a devout Catholic and displays his piousness by going to daily Mass. What a hypocrite! One minute saying prayers, a few hours later lying to me as he tells me how great his business is doing and I will soon have my money back.

They’re the worst! I’ll never forget a little “poem” I read when I was but five years old: Mr. Business went to church every single Sunday, then Mr. Business went to Hell for the things he did on Monday.

I have been trying to get my money back since 2006 and now things are bad for me financially all because he did not pay me back as he promised. The money I loaned him was the money I inherited from my Mom when she died and he knows I have lost both my parents.

Giving God a Bad Name

How much money are we talking about? Hundreds of dollars? Thousands of dollars? Hundreds of thousands of dollars? And what is this man’s name? How did he manage to get his mitts on your money? Did you loan it to him or invest it with him? I’m hoping it was a loan rather than an investment, as we are rarely able to recoup monies lost to bad investments. People have to learn to do more research before investing. But loans made in good faith and never repaid are our specialty!