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Say GoodBye and Mean It with the BURNING BRIDGES Collection!

Get Lost!

Get Lost!

Say GoodBye & Mean It!


Lose My Number!

Lose My Number!


Greetings from the SAY IT WITH SEWAGE Collezione!

Thinking of You

Scum 4 Scum


Big Birthday


Front Row Seat

Thinking of You

Thinking of You





Welcome & Fuck You!

Welcome & Fuck You!

You're Invited!

You're Invited!




SHITBOX GREETINGS: for the Shitheads in Your Life!

'Til There Was You

'Til There Was You

It's Uncanny!

It's Uncanny!



the Perfect Bumper Sticker: Get Off My Ass or You'll Be on My OFFICIAL SHIT LIST

the Perfect Bumper Sticker: Get Off My Ass or You'll Be on My OFFICIAL SHIT LIST


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  1. bonanno says:

    These cards are fantastic! I wish you sold them in boxes and also stationery. They are too expensive for me from zazzle but I like them so much.

  2. meganstott says:

    OMG the shithead card is so disgusting I wish I saw that when I was breaking up with my boyfriend. Now its too late but I bookmarked you if there is ever another time like that. I hope not! LOL

  3. buckdubois says:

    funny cards. you should have those in stores.

  4. KatChambers says:

    Gawd some of those greeting cards are so disgusting they would be perfect for a lot of people I have unfortunately known. I am glad no one is really pissing me off now but I have bookmarked you in case things change! The burning bridges cards are beautiful.

  5. joeytrebianni says:

    These greeting cards are def for a special occasion! Glad I don’t need them. Cool tee shirts!

  6. tokyojoe says:

    heh heh these cards are the shitz and i mean that in a good way id prolly lose my job or get arrested if i used them in japan tho too bad

  7. Matt Pomeroy says:

    Funny stuff.

  8. Trampas says:

    hahahahahahahahahahaha I was looking for special occasion cards greeting cards but these are a little too special for my occasion. Pretty funny tho. T

  9. nutbutt says:

    i agree ur cards shud be in stores. if i tell some one to fuck off i dont have time to buy on line and wait a week and then mail a card i need to do it now but the cards are grate.

  10. rex nelson says:


  11. gregor korsunsky says:

    I want for use this cards but not allow here I think. Many goods.

  12. don essex says:

    cool cards an teeshirts

  13. Eve Sommers says:

    I wish I could afford a hunderd of these cards for the company that just laid me and fifty other people off but they had enough money to give big bonuses to all our managers!

  14. marycontrary says:

    to funny

  15. haleymerck says:

    I agree these cards need to be in the store you can’t wait two weeks or even longer to send them they have to be ready today when you are mad but they are great I would buy one in the store for sure cool

  16. jackpollett says:

    ur cards r hellarius

  17. zuma naladi says:

    your card very funny I like

  18. cassie thomas says:

    i agree the greeting cards need to be in stores
    maybe head shops will sell them
    i would buy if i didnt have to wait for delivery
    cool blog

  19. melaniemaxwell says:

    me too on ur cards in stores. their awesome but u cant wait u need them fast to tell someone to fuck off. great tee shirts too. mm

  20. mellomax says:

    omg that card with the toilet is so bad its good i will think of that evry day at work now cuz my stupidviser is so full of shit i wish i can quit my job i would give it to him love the cards

  21. Miranda X says:

    lol sorry i love your cards but i agree they need to be in stores

  22. haff2laff says:

    definately put your greeting cards in the stores! I would buy one if I was really mad and saw them right away. Nice blog.

  23. Fran233 says:


  24. tingrin says:

    There are so many assholes in the world now I would have to buy these cards by the gross – and they are gross! hee hee

  25. honeydo says:

    LOL Where were you when I had to kick my best friend to the curb a few months ago! I would of sent him a shit head and a burning bridge. Cool blog.

  26. Melody Shea says:

    Have you showed your greeting cards to a big company? I think you should do that because you need to be in stores. The cards are awesome but they are an impulse purchase. They have to be right there when someone is angry and also for people to see and remember for later when they need something like this. I think a lot of specialty stores will carry your cards. Nice work!

  27. Jasmine X says:

    I agree put them in stores.

  28. Kelsey M. says:

    The greeting cards are extreme! I wish I was brave enough to send some to my managers but I need this job too bad. Awesome blog!

  29. SMelendy says:

    If someone gave me one of these cards I would die. They are so MEAN! I laughed but it’s not really funny. S. Melendy

  30. junebug says:

    I vote for the cards in stores too! I think they are hilarious.

  31. Janie Devereaux says:

    I like the cards but I am buying one of the PMS tee shirts. lol

  32. geldoffer says:

    in the stores for sure!

  33. karlkorel says:

    those bridges are beautiful. i tried to do that in photoshop but it never comes out right. you should do a calendar of burning bridges or things on fire. just dont try to sell it in california right now.

  34. Janet Severson says:

    Gross but funny! I agree everything needs to be in stores and you will sell more.

  35. bob vandergriff says:


  36. heathkeller says:

    you definitely do a great job setting things on fire. love the greeting cards but glad i never received one and hope i never do.

  37. axle wheeler says:

    ur shit cards would make a good diet aid. my friend sent me a link and i looked on my lunch break. big mistake. i will probly not eat dinner now too.

  38. Jeff Whalen says:

    yes the cards are defanitely an apetite supresor. hee hee

  39. danmann says:

    Wish I found your cards last year when I really needed them! Hope I never go thru anything like that again but I will remember your blog if I do and they are not in the stores. I agree they need to be in stores. My local head shop would definitely sell them.

  40. kafka esk says:

    my gf made sloppy joes for dinner and she was mad i can’t eat any after i looked at your blog so i showed her and she’s freezing for later. the pizza guy is on his way.

  41. Spring Daye says:

    I like the burning bridges but some of your cards are just gross.

  42. Eli M. says:

    This is some good shit. ar ar ar

  43. sgtmjr says:


  44. Kay Francis says:

    lol Very funny. I like the t-shirts better than the cards though. Maybe that’s because there are no pictures on the t-shirts. ha ha

  45. Candy Martindale says:

    I agree they are gross. I like cute cards like Hallmark. The tee shirts are okay.

  46. nownow boy says:

    Freaking great
    No shit!

  47. noniyoni says:


  48. nokwood says:

    These are some of the funniest cards and shirts online… Nice.

  49. Joe Blow says:

    Way to think out of the box dude! I love it!

  50. goraddy grrl says:

    These cards really made me laugh. Clever!

  51. yankeedoodler says:

    LOL this is a great concept!

  52. proudredneck says:

    high larius
    heh heh heh

  53. Larry King says:

    Ahahhahaha best cards ever

  54. Aaron Stiles says:

    Fantastic and I give these greeting cards 2 thumbs up!! Just Too Funny lol

  55. indigo mess says:

    Haha! This blog is awsome.

  56. robroyale says:

    lol Funny shit!! 🙂

  57. Ronnie Loggins says:

    Wicked, love it.

  58. Jay Bergeron says:

    Funny, funny, funny. Well done!!

  59. tthomas says:

    wtf. funny stuff, dude.

  60. jeberle says:

    This made me laugh!

  61. brokeandbroker says:

    I LOVE the shirts! i plan on buying a few when i get a bank account. then some money. might take a while lol

  62. dd pescaro says:

    you’re so creative. keep it up!

  63. tigrrr says:

    Ahahahaha. I can sooo relate. Too funny.

  64. fightinwords says:

    I enjoyed every card.
    What a fun blog!!

  65. Pat Leifer says:


  66. Page Turner says:

    LOL…too funny!!

  67. Gayle P. says:

    Nice cards *snort*

  68. Edith Pilaf says:

    Too Funny!
    Love your work!

  69. Roger Dodger says:

    I love it. Too funny!

  70. Filene L. says:

    Very funny cards, just a little too late for me and my ex-husband but still hilarious!

  71. miss marples says:

    love everything about these cards! you need to make more!!

  72. geddof myback says:

    Oh my goodness . . these are hillarious!!!!!

  73. gaylordette says:

    simply hysterical !!! you are something else…..hahaha

  74. kookikami says:

    Ha Ha Ha!
    Too Funny!

  75. gekko snark says:

    What a great bit of humour!

  76. zach zachary says:

    Oh, these cards and tees are funny funny funny!

  77. iaddict says:

    these greeting cards are like a bad car wreck. i dont want to look but i cant help myself and after i feel sick! lol

  78. Lady Jane says:

    LOL — one might have to be sure the recipients live far away from the senders! 🙂

  79. rinse&repeat says:

    Haha how funny the cards are just great 🙂

  80. JCarson says:

    I really dig the artwork, honestly. Great photoshop work!

  81. xavierx says:

    LOVE IT!! Very funny! Added you to my bookmarks.

  82. true patriot says:

    This is perfect to send most of our politicians haha! They are all on my official shit list.

  83. mktgooroo says:

    Well done.
    These should be marketed to retail stores!

  84. nedgraff says:

    i could use these for christmas cards this year
    my life is shit
    these cards are too cool

  85. sadiefrankel says:

    (but they are funny–ok, I admit it)

  86. LoisLoon says:

    hahahahaha….DISGUSTING :)))

  87. carpedime says:

    I love the t-shits! hahaha U R A GENIUS

  88. hunterdogg says:

    eeeew lol so funny

  89. Mark Stevens says:

    Love the shirts.

  90. mannycotti says:


  91. Pam McCollum says:

    I’m having flashbacks of my worst best friend just reading these cards. I wish I saw your cards two years ago!

  92. Lincoln Jefferson says:

    These cards made me laugh out loud for real…

  93. quentin craft says:

    ha! ha! ha! Funny, Weird, Great!

  94. Marga Rosa says:

    You’ve got a very weird sense of humor and I love every bit of your weirdness! lol!

  95. Yvette Dubois says:

    Is it wrong that I find this funny?

  96. Bobbie Kearney says:

    LOL LOL I laughed for quite a while after reading this blog – too funny!

  97. Bill C. says:

    HA! I love these cards!

  98. geoff lazar says:

    hahahaha funny

  99. Dood Snood says:

    Awesome! Really funny! Made my day!

  100. Paul N. says:

    Wow. I love It 🙂 It reminds me of those “Hello, Fuck you” signs. The burning bridges cards are amazing! 🙂

  101. Skip Jensen says:

    Love these cards. Make more!!!!!!!!!!

  102. xmark spot says:

    …but funny

  103. bchange cchange says:

    Really Cool Shit!
    I love it all!

  104. tweedle dee says:


  105. mofon says:


  106. Daniel De Silva says:

    hahahahahahahahaha luv ur cards n tees

  107. Red Fred says:

    Funny cards but I need to tell someone to fuck off today. You should put them in stores or make ecards. Fred

  108. Sherri says:

    Those greeting cards are too funny!! I almost wish I was mad at somebody. lmao

  109. Monica says:

    I wish I found your site a few months ago when I really needed to tell someone to fuck off! lol You have the best greeting cards I ever saw but not for every occasion.

  110. Marco says:

    ur shithead cards r too funny ha ha ha

  111. boomer says:


  112. louis says:

    thats sum funny shit

  113. Tatiana says:

    Wish ur stuff is in stores.

  114. Maya Adams says:


  115. Ally C. says:

    u r hella funny

  116. bixby, c. says:

    lolololololololol i cant decide whats funnier between the shitheads and the burning bridges

  117. unemployed & pissed says:

    if i knew my boss was going to fire me for flirting with his wife i would have given him the shithead card BECAUSE IT LOOKS JUST LIKE BOTH OF THEM

  118. Gaye says:

    I wish I had your cards last week when I dumped my cheating boyfriend! Awesome!!

  119. Kevin K says:


  120. Reno says:


  121. America says:

    You have to get these cards into stores. I know Hallmark won’t sell them but they are so funny. No one will want to wait weeks to tell someone to fuck off but they are SO FUNNY!!

  122. Brandi says:

    LOL these are the funniest cards I ever seen!!! LOL

  123. Cameron says:

    LOL r these for real? if not they should be! hahahahaha

  124. Carrie says:

    but also gross

  125. Wiccan Woman says:

    These are very clever. I did laugh out loud at many of them. I do hope you will put them in stores. I think they would be a big hit. I have not seen many greeting cards like this! LOL

  126. Rhett says:

    LOL LOL the shitheads are perfect

  127. tito says:

    today i wish i have your card right now
    funny but also say my thinking too much

  128. Dexter says:


  129. Hai says:


  130. Salma says:

    HELL LARIOUS! Funniest greeting cards I have ever seen but I never want to see one in my mailbox thats for sure. LMFAO

  131. dez says:

    i like it! lmao

  132. Bart says:

    These are too funny!

  133. Joad says:

    lmao wish I had one right now to give my shithead boss mutha fired me today FOR HIS MISTAKE! he is on my official shit list.

  134. Mason Dixon says:


  135. Jarrod says:

    thanks now i have to clean my monitor!

  136. Bobby J. says:

    these cards are SICK and I mean that in a good way

  137. Caspar says:

    If I live in America I will send many of your card to BP! They speak my heart.

  138. Dick says:

    heh heh heh I need two of everything.

  139. Randi says:

    LOL your funny I was looking for birthday cards for my mom and my aunt who are twins but I love them so I can’t use any of yours but they are so funny I really laugh out loud!

  140. Boomer says:


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