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Tony & Steal from Rescue Shelter

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The Avenger

Unbelievable. Some friends of ours run an animal rescue shelter using only their paychecks as funding. They’re really in a bind and face having 50 of their permanent residents taken and killed.

More than a year ago when looking for a way to make money for the animals they contacted Tony at (through his email address: asking if he might be willing to build a database through which they could use comusthumbs on any of their websites. He agreed to do this for $395 but said they would have to wait a couple of weeks as he was busy. They said “no problem” and sent him 395 bucks.

He kept putting them off, while stressing that he’s “a big animal lover” who has friends who also run a rescue shelter, so he wanted to help. Then he simply disappeared for several months, claiming afterwards he’d been extremely ill. After his recovery, he promised to begin working on the long-ago paid-for database…but disappeared, again.

Now, Tony from comusthumbs refuses to answer any of their emails and has neither given them a refund nor created the database. At this point, they just want their money back because they no longer trust him.

GIVE THEM THEIR MONEY BACK, YOU LOSER!!! Tony from comusthumbs is WAY high on our Official Shit List. What a sleazy rip-off artist.

Maybe decent people in his comusthumbs forum can talk some sense into Tony.


  1. luke says:

    wow sorry to hear it i cant stop using comusthumbs but i dont feel good about it any more damn i thought tony was a good guy hope they get there money back

  2. xxxmaster says:

    not surprised. assholes like him give the rest of us a bad name. hope they get their money back.

  3. brian says:

    looking for comus reviews. that sucks. good to know.

  4. Stuart P. says:

    Me too on the comusthumbs reviews. My wife does animal rescue and will neuter me if I use them now. Stealing from anyone is bad but this is messed up. I hope you can help them get their refund. Nice blog.

  5. mike d. says:

    me too on looking for comus thumbs reviews. thats a shame. lots of aholes in the world.

  6. Alice T. says:

    I never hit any one in my life but I feel like punching this Tony guy. I looked at his web site for comus thumbs and also the forum and it looks like he makes money so I don’t know why he had to steal from an animal shelter. Some people are so greedy it makes me sick! I hope you can help those people. Alice

  7. Leo says:

    If comusthumbs and Tony rip off an animal shelter they will steal from anyone. Thanks for the warning. I hope you can help these people and the animals.

  8. Dave L. says:

    I found you for the greeting cards. Never heard of comusthumbs but I will ask my webmaster friends what they know about Tony and his company. Good luck getting your friends the money back.

  9. Pat Zimmer says:

    My husband asked me to look for Comusthumbs reviews. I will tell him about this. Believe me he will not buy this program. Thank you for helping your friends and getting the word out about Tony. What a psycho! Pat

  10. alexangeles says:

    i never heard of comus thumbs before but i will remember them now. you should put this on a lot of blogs and make sure more people find out about tony. i like your tee shirts.

  11. Rob Thibodeaux says:

    I wish I needed Comus Thumbs so I could buy a competitor’s product and then tell Tony why he lost our business. It may take a while but if you keep pushing this story on your blog eventually you will start affecting his business and he will lose a lot more than the 400 dollars he stole from the animal rescue group. His losses won’t help them but maybe he will pay them to keep from losing even more. When someone steals from people like your friends you know they will steal from anyone. RT

  12. kavon says:

    i use comusthumbs a few year ago and can tell you no trust tony. he never do what he say. i will pray for your friend to get the money.

  13. Philip says:

    I feel sorry for your friends. I hope Tony will choke on all the money he steals because I agree if he will steal from your friends and the animals he will steal from ANYONE! I looked at comusthumbs. Its too bad he doesn’t concentrate on making his money the honest way it looks like a good program for web masters.

  14. Kenneth G. says:

    I agree with the person who said it looks like tony makes a lot of money with comusthumbs so if he steals from anyone it is just his nature to be a thief. Stealing from people who do animal rescue is the lowest of the low. He probably stole from his mother too. What a tool.

  15. Zoltan says:

    make sure everyone who looks for comusthumbs finds this page first and you will make real problems for him. tony comusthumbs tony comus thumbs tony comusthumbs tony comus thumbs tony comusthumbs tony comus thumbs tony comusthumbs tony comus thumbs tony comusthumbs tony comus thumbs tony comusthumbs tony comus thumbs

  16. Raymond Arquette says:

    One thing I learn in America be careful every body will steal when they are smile at you. I think Tony from comusthumb steal from many people if he will steal from the people like this. He have no heart but God see him. He will pay. I wish good thing happen for your friend and Tony give them back the money.

  17. iron man says:


  18. Cyndi R. says:

    I agree with the person who felt like punching Tony. He steals from poor animals that is sick. I hope every one who thinks about buying comus thumbs will find your web site first. You should start an affiliate program for his top competition. LOL WHAT A LOSER!

  19. Web Pro says:

    Guys like Tony make my job harder. Too many ripoff artists on the internet now. Comusthumbs might be great but if this is how the owner acts you can’t trust them. A company’s ethics are in the owner. Sorry Tony stole from your friends and I also hope you can get them a refund. Tony is stupid not to pay them.

  20. xavier d. says:

    i hope you ruin all tony reputation for himself and his company from comusthumbs. this is terrible thing he have done. i no understand this kind of people. he is very criminality. i am pray for you friends.

  21. maddog says:

    get this sucker good
    make him squeal like the pig he is

  22. Simon Leon says:

    totally agree you should be reselling another tgp script and cost tony-comusthumbs until he pays your friends. he deserves a beat down.

  23. Ben S. says:

    I never heared of Tony or comusthumbs but I look for tgp script. Thank you for a warning.

  24. geek nerd says:

    me to loking for comusthumbs review what a tard no $ from me!

  25. booze cruise says:

    looking for comusthumbs reviews
    thanks for the word on tony

  26. Marcus says:

    Tony is a flaming a-hole if he can do something like that. Definately resell his competition tgp script. Hope your friends can get their money.

  27. Underdoggy Dogg says:

    I use the free comusthumbs that gives Tony a cut. I will see if I can find another tgp script. Thanks for this blog. I was trying to decide if I should pay for comusthumbs because they are having a big sale. No way now. I know it wont help youre friends but I feel better.

  28. Vlad the Imp says:


  29. Alan Roth says:

    I agree with the poster who said you need to have an affiliate account for other tgp scripts. Your getting enough traffic for this you can make money and hurt his sales. I also agree Tony probly steals from a lot of people if he stole from your friends and the animals. Douche.

  30. les m. says:

    tony. comusthumbs. got it. good blog. i wont forget.

  31. kevin knopff says:

    most people now think stealing is just business. we have to stop doing business with thiefs or nothing will change. i hope this blog stops more people from using comusthumbs. good luck for you friends.

  32. Paul P. says:

    Tony sounds like a real dirt bag. Sorry about your friends.

  33. abcdefg says:

    never use tony comus thumbs he go by also tony 6 zero i don know how he spell but he say many thing to take monie

  34. mike2010 says:

    searching for tgp scripts
    sucks about tony comusthumbs
    good to know who the thieves are
    thanks nice blog

  35. troy lancer says:

    tony is definately a shit and a looser. i saw his sale no way i would use comusthumbs. sorry about youre friends.

  36. Steve M. Larkin says:

    Looking for TGP scripts. Thanks for the word on Comusthumbs and Tony. My girlfriend does animal rescue work. I know how hard it is. Shame on Tony. Love of money is the root of all evil and what he did is evil. Good blog. Steve

  37. RogWilder says:

    We used comus thumbs a couple of years ago. Not surprised your friends had a bad experience with Tony. Comus thumbs is a pain in the ass script too. I found you googling tgp script reviews. If you are getting traffic for that search you should definitely be an affiliate for another tgp script. I hope your friends get their money back but rip offs like Tony don’t usually care what any body thinks because they can always find more suckers who don’t do the research. Sorry but its true.

  38. Ribeltad Vorden SF says:

    I feel bad for your friends and all the animals but what goes around comes around. Tony will get whats coming to him. Stealing from animal rescue groups is like stealing from an orphanage. Definitely use your traffic to sell another tgp script. Maybe you can help your friends get their money back that way. RVSF

  39. marcus gilmore says:

    once a douchebag always a douchebag tony sounds like king of the douchebags my sister does animal rescue i hope tony looses his ass on comus thumbs

  40. g33k says:

    heh heh bout time word on tony strted getting out rip him a new one comusthumbs sucks too

  41. Dieter says:

    I too look for tgp automatic script review. Is good to know for Tony and comusthumb steal from your friend and the animal. Very bad man.

  42. Aaron W. says:

    There are much better TGP scripts than comusthumbs. I don’t know why anyone would be surprised that Tony stole from an animal rescue group. The internet is full of scammers and rip off artists. Your friends were too trusting I think. I hope you can get a refund for them. Aaron

  43. all your base says:

    asshole fucktard i hate guys like tony they make life harder for the rest of us what a looser DONT USE COMUS THUMBS there are better tgp scripts

  44. motormouth says:

    ha ha glad you are reselling another tgp script. i tried comus thumbs free version they suck i agree tony is a shmuck. sorry he stole from your friends i hope you can get there money back from tony and a few bucks from x3. i will try there free tgp script and buy if its good. i was looking for comusthumbs reviews.

  45. Elias says:

    It is hard to believe people can be so low sometimes. I agree Tony is probably making some scratch with comusthumbs but no matter how much you have you always want more. I saw the sale. He could make some serious money selling cheap to people like me trying to make our own job on the internet but people like me and my wife don’t buy from someone who steals especially not from an animal shelter. Thats a sure sign he will be stealing from us sometime. Good idea to promote their competition and nice to see you trying to make things right for your friends. I found you looking for tgp scripts. I’ll check out x3. Hope they get their money back. Tony is stupid not to just pay them.

  46. lanman says:

    tony is thieving scum i would never use comusthumbs even for free

  47. Steven H. says:

    I hope you ruin sales for this guy Tony. I found you looking for TGP script reviews too. I agree you need to have reviews on this site for other TGP scripts while you are letting everyone know they should not try comusthumbs. Its true that if he would steal from an animal rescue group he will also steal from anyone. He probably steals commissions from people who use his free script too. Sorry about your friends. I hope Tony will pay them back.

  48. Money Talks says:

    I hope you help put this asswipe out of business. I will never use comusthumbs. I found you for tgp script reviews. Hope your friends’ get there money back.

  49. Davey Jones says:

    Does Tony know about your blog? I am surprised he would keep refusing to give your friends a refund. Its too easy to find you if you are looking for comusthumbs. I would pay fast if that was my business.

  50. Jesus Rodriguez says:

    Tony comusthumbs go to hell

  51. Sam says:

    you are doing a good thing for your friends’
    I find you for tgp script review comusthumbs

  52. Lenny says:

    Im shocked to read about Tony stealing from youre friends. He is a total shit. I hope everyone will find you and not use comusthumbs. I was looking for tgp script reviews I will look at x3 tgp script. I hope your friends will get there money back.

  53. Bill Briggs says:

    I don’t understand people like Tony. His bad karma will catch up with him. I need a tgp script and will research x3. I am very glad to find your blog and will not use comusthumbs. I sincerely hope your friends will be made whole. This is a small thing, but still a terrible thing. BB

  54. Wm. Williams says:

    Tony isn’t doing very well with comusthumbs or he would not be having a big sale. I tried comus and didn’t like it at all. X3 is much better than comusthumbs I’m glad you are reselling them. I hope you can make some money for your friends and the animals even if Tony never gives them a refund. I agree his bad karma will get him. Wm Wms

  55. mr x says:

    comusthumbs is shit and so is tony

  56. Micah says:

    Agreed. Tony is a douchebag and comusthumbs sucks. Glad to see I am not the only one who thinks this way. Hope your friends can get the money back from him. I am not surprised he did this at all.

  57. T. Bradley says:

    I will say Tony and comusthumbs too so you will get more hits. I need a good tgp script. X3 looks good. Thanks. Tom

  58. Fred says:

    If I say Tony and comusthumbs it will help you get more hits? Tony and comusthumbs. Tony and comusthumbs. Tony and comusthumbs. I am like everyone else looking for tgp scripts sorry about your friends I hope Tony and comusthumbs get their bad karma back soon and your friends have money for their animals from x3 and from Tony giving their money back from comusthumbs. ha ha I bet he is rich because rich people steal the most and they don’t care what happens to any one else.

  59. Mike Rollins says:

    jerkwad fucktard asshole tony and comusthumbs bite me

  60. Michael Cohn says:

    I looked at comusthumbs for the sale and found you in a search for tgp script reviews. I don’t need Tony’s program that bad. I will check out X3. What a slimy scum bag.

  61. Ivan says:

    If Tony do such things to me I will do much more than make some blog. He will need to pay some big price for that. I hope you to ruin his business with comus thumbs.

  62. ed kellehan says:

    tgp script reviews
    tony comusthumbs sux wot a asshole

  63. Damien says:

    I heard that comusthumbs skims too so I am not surprised the owner steals from people. I believe in karma Tony will pay some way for sure but I don’t know if that will help your friends.

  64. Repo Man says:

    my tgp script review is comus thumbs sucks
    to much work x3 is better
    if tony skims on comus it does not surprise me at all
    karma will make tony his beyatch

  65. Lenny says:

    god i hate assholes like tony scum sucking pig douchebag fucktard i hope comusthumbs goes belly up its a shit program anyway steal from animals is EPIC FAIL THIS STORY PISSES ME OFF!!!!!!!!!!

  66. Hope says:

    Comusthumbs DOES suck AND I am convinced they skim and now that I know about Tony I will tell every web master in my groups what he did to your friends. What an asshole!!!!!

  67. Scott R says:

    Tony is a shit head and Comusthumbs is a shit tgp script. Hope your friends get their refund.