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Posts from ‘August, 2009’

Shits Happen

It’s a damn shame, but. After all of the lies Mariano del Rosario told “Venus” (and after all of the bounced checks, etc.), she decided to play the game his way, yet again, and believe that this time he really will make good his many promises to repay the loan she made to him four […]

Mariano del Rosario: Winning Loser

It seems Mariano del Rosario is trying to delay his fate. This [suddenly pretending to be willing to repay debts in order to have the victims call off their dogs] is classic con-man behavior. Victims who fall for this ruse never get their monies returned… venusvictrix says: Mariano del Rosario is a very active member […]

Now! Where Were We…

Please excuse our brief sabbatical, but several cases we’ve been working, offline, suddenly headed for a close, simultaneously. We’re back, and ready to make short work [and/or minced meat] of Mariano del Rosario — or is it just “Mario,” now? Like “Cher,” or “Madonna,” or “Beelzebub?” We would have preferred to have no “behind the […]