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Mariano del Rosario: Winning Loser

The Avenger

The Avenger

It seems Mariano del Rosario is trying to delay his fate. This [suddenly pretending to be willing to repay debts in order to have the victims call off their dogs] is classic con-man behavior. Victims who fall for this ruse never get their monies returned…

venusvictrix says: Mariano del Rosario is a very active member of his tennis club. Looks like he lied to me again and his heart can take strenuous exercise. He told me he heart is so bad he can hardly walk.

It’s also classic to have the con-man seek sympathy from his victims. Most unfortunately, women are all-too-often suckers for a sad story. No matter what has been done to them, they have great difficulty handling accusations of being “not very nice.”

He did contact me again on Saturday August 15th and told me he deposited some money in my bank account but he did not say how much money. I will check today to see if money arrived from him and how much he sent. I will post the details as soon as I know. He didnt specify the amount he sent and he has told me he will give me my money many times and then he didnt or he gave me a bad check.

Did any money arrive from Mariano del Rosario? If so, how much?

I am so tired of his lies. I loaned him my inheritance five years ago and he promised to pay me back with interest in only a few months. He said it would be better than a savings account or a CD or money market so I would be helping him and he would be helping me. Now I have spent more than four years trying to get my money back.

Well, as was discussed when his first “offer” appeared, more than a week ago, should he have sent some money, but not the entire amount owed, we would either have to drop the case if you wished to keep giving him chances, or bring him to his knees until you are in receipt of all monies due and owing from Mariano del Rosario.

We sincerely hope you will choose the latter, as experience has shown it’s the only way to get your money back from the Mariano del Rosarios of this world. We do understand the emotional tug-of-war between your desire to have your monies returned and memories of the friendship between your mother and del Rosario’s sister [Nena del Rosario-Villanueva], but cannot ride that particular roller-coaster with you. It could tie up our blog for years, and keep us from helping others who are in dire need of our assistance.

Please let us know, asap, whether or not Mariano or “Mario” sent you some money, how much he sent [if anything], and how you wish to proceed. We are ready to either proceed with this case or move on to the next. No matter your choice, we wish you nothing but success!


  1. venusvictrix says:

    Hi. Even if he does send me a little money I promise I will not stop now. I will do whatever I have to to get the whole amount back, plus the interest. I showed you the computation done by an accountant of what he would have paid for a bank loan and that is very low interest. I wish I could charge him the interest of a credit card company! $55,000 US dollars was the amount he owed me a few weeks before you started your blog again so it would be more now but I will be happy just to get the $55,000 if he will pay me soon.

    I did get another text today from Mariano del Rosario and he told me his bank takes 10 days just to set up a transfer and now he says he needs more information before they can do that. I have never heard of such a thing but maybe it takes 10 days to set up an international wire for food stamps? 🙂 He told me on Saturday that he already wired the money so I know you are correct. He will tell me lots of stories and never send my money unless he is very pressured. I know he doesnt care what I think but he cares what the people at his tennis club and his business associates think.

    I promise I will send an email to Mariano del Rosario today and tell him I do not accept his stories and that if he doesnt pay the invoice you sent to him in 24 hours I will start sending emails to everyone he knows trying to find other victims. I hope you are right that if we do find more we can get legal action against him. Now that I know he is playing tennis tournaments and telling me how sick he is I wont believe his lies any more.

    Thank you for helping me and supporting me! I am starting to feel hopeful for the first time that I will really get my money back and I can have my operation. I hope if he is stealing now he is stealing from healthy rich people.

  2. daisywu says:

    i know people do worse things but this story make me so upset for venusvictrix. i hope she will get back her moneys and mariano del rosario will go to jail where it will be more hard for him to steal.

  3. perrywhitmore says:

    Mariano del Rosario is definately a looser ass hat! I hope Venus teach him a lesson he will never forget and get her money back.

  4. Eric says:

    Mariano del Rosario is definately a loser ass hat! I hope Venus teach him a lesson he will never forget and get her money back.

  5. Cherie Nabikov says:

    this is a terrible terrible man. i am so sorry for venus.