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eCards for Dummies

Greetings! This is an ecard I could send every day. There is never any shortage of idiots in this world. This is a good card to send to smart people who are as frustrated as you are but also to the people who are too stupid to know just how stupid they are. I read […]

FU Get Lost eCards!

This beautiful ecard is a perfect way to break up with a cheater or get rid of an effed up client and even a great way to leave a toxic friend or family member in the dust. They cost the same as an itune, no trees have to die and no stamps are required. We […]

Short & Sweet eCards

Sometimes anacronyms speak louder than words, and few speak more loudly than this one! This lovely ecard is available in both black and red versions, and your recipients is sure to get your meaning, either way. Don’t sit there stewing in your own juices! Send an Official Shit List ecard and speak volumes! Sign up […]

eGreetings & Salutations

Official Shit List is proud to announce that we’ve added eCards to our arsenal. Never again be misinterpreted! You spoke, we listened. It’s true that in the heat of passion few of us have the patience to wait days before responding. Now you don’t have to wait even a moment. We’re adding new cards every […]

Say It with Official Shit List eCards!

You’ve spoken and we’ve listened! Few have the patience to wait when it’s time to tell someone exactly what you think of them, so we now have Official Shit List eCards. Time to Say It with Sewage! All proceeds benefit small animal rescue groups and we are proud to be associated with such good works.