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Is Mariano del Rosario Doomed?

venusvictrix says:  Something else I just found out today. Mariano del Rosario has been applying for a job with the office of Veterans Affairs in CA. I hope they do a background check on him.

The Avenger

The Avenger

Don’t worry. If Mariano del Rosario’s sister won’t repay the debt — as she should, at this point, since she was a trusted friend of your late mother and the person who introduced you to Mariano del Rosario, sans disclaimer — and then collect from her brother (Mariano del Rosario), herself…trust me. The VA will learn of Mariano del Rosario’s serious character flaws.

And, it should only be a matter of a few more days until anyone searching for information regarding Mariano del Rosario will find Official Shit List at the top of their search returns. Apologies to the artist, Mariano del Rosario.

I also found out that his credit cards in the Philippines were cancelled due to non-payment. He has a bad track record with Citibank too. I hope credit card companies over there dont ever issue him a card. This man is a swindler!

Mariano del Rosario may well be a swindler (flim-flam man, con artist, thief, whatever), but I will never pull out my violin for a credit-card company. Especially not citibank! However, I would certainly put them on my dance card should we continue moving forward (regarding Mariano del Rosario).

Let me try to call his sister one more time before I reveal her name. Maybe she has had a change of heart since I last spoke to her. I will update you within the day.

Absolutely no problem! This is your life and your money, and I would also rather see this settled without completely destroying Mariano del Rosario’s life and future possibilities (though Mariano del Rosario brought this upon himself, and Mariano del Rosario must be stopped).

It is my fervent hope that Mariano del Rosario’s sister repays you within the next 48 hours and then sets up a repayment schedule with Mariano del Rosario. He will learn just how easily he can be ruined, and (hopefully) he will be aware that these blog entries remain archived should he decide to continue stealing from the have-nots so that he might have more.

Note to self:  Put Jesuit schools and his Catholic Diocese on my dance card, just in case. If the sister doesn’t care what’s right (and what’s written. And whether or not her brother, Mariano del Rosario, is ever again able to find employment), maybe his priest can have a talk with him. Couldn’t hurt to have a talk with her priest, too.

Let’s hope none of this is necessary, and that you have your money back, shortly. And that Mariano del Rosario turns over a new leaf. And that his sister will never again remain silent when her silence allows evil to flourish.

Godspeed, VenusVictrix!


  1. davy cobb says:

    Dont worry Mariano del Rosario will not get away with these things for ever. I hope you get your money back before he has to spend all of your money on attorney fees!

  2. venusvictrix says:

    Hi! Well, it looks like the sister of Mariano “Juni” del Rosario wont cover for him. He also owes her money. So her attitude is that I should just write it off as she has.

    Easy for her to say. She doesnt need the money. The family has many resources.

    I feel that if he talks to her to lend him the money to repay me, she will. I dont know if he has done so. I wish he would.

  3. cobber says:

    is mariano del rosario doomed?
    I HOPE SO!!!!