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Mariano del Rosario Gets Wikified

venusvictrix says: Mariano was the only one who stayed with my Mom. My Mom didnt mind as it was only for a few months. She did it out of friendship with Mariano’s sister.

The Avenger

The Avenger

Again, I continue to be shocked that Mariano del Rosario’s sister (Natividad “Nena” del Rosario-Villanueva) would place your mother in harm’s way — and then take no responsibility for the resulting havoc (and harm).

Yes, Mariano had a long suffering ex-wife and children. I dont know them well. I met them just a few times.

Congratulations to the ex for having made her escape (from Mariano del Rosario). Woe unto the next woman who falls into his trap. My sympathies to the children. The “sins of the father” should not be visited upon the sons. But they are…

And yes again, that is his sister whose profile you found. I know her as a very nice lady. I understand that she also has problems with Mariano. Well, having a black sheep in the family and having to bail him out will be a problem for anyone.

I absolutely understand that, in memory of your late mother, you wish to think of Nena del Rosario-Villanueva as “a very nice lady,” and, hopefully, she will begin behaving like “a very nice lady!” But she was oh so wrong (and not very “nice”) to have visited Mariano del Rosario upon your late mother — and you. The daughter of one of her closest friends.

And, if Nena del Rosario-Villanueva would loan Mariano del Rosario more money so that he might repay your kindness and generosity, I don’t understand why she would not repay you, directly, upon your request. She will still help her black sheep brother, but she won’t take responsibility for her own actions and help you? Again, these are not the actions of a “very nice lady.”

However! If you wish to be repaid without further sullying the reputation of this woman (Nena del Rosario-Villanueva [the Philippines’ first child prodigy]) — let’s see if we can’t get the banker brother to “assist” Mariano del Rosario in doing the right thing.

What’s the banker brother’s name? And, is there any chance Mariano del Rosario’s children might be able to talk him (Mariano del Rosario) into stepping up to the plate (and then stepping away from his penchance for “doing evil”)? Do you know whether or not he (Mariano del Rosario) has good relationships with his children?

Unfortunately, our best course of action is to thoroughly shame (and scare) Mariano del Rosario into repaying the money he has now stolen (rather than “borrowed”) from you.

Fortunately, I’ll have time, this afternoon or evening, for (where Mariano del Rosario is now only a “stub” of a man. Sounds as though they know him well!  lol). “You can help WikiPilipinas by expanding it.” I live to help…


  1. venusvictrix says:

    I feel bad about Mariano del Rosario’s sister. My late Mother loved her so much and had only good words for her.

    Mariano del Rosario’s ex-wife was smart and lucky to get out when she did. No one needs to have a man like this around.

    I don’t know about the relationships Mariano del Rosario has with his children. He has four children. All boys. Two of them are very well known soccer players in the Philippines. At least one or maybe even both of them played on the Philippine team in the ASEAN games a few years ago. I have been told that they are currently teaching soccer at the country club where Mariano del Rosario was once a member.

    I have wondered what the four sons think of their father. I feel terrible for any children to have a father like Mariano del Rosario and I hope they are not like their father.

    I do want to get my money back without hurting innocent people but I don’t care what happens to Mariano del Rosario! He has made big problems for a lot of people and I will be very happy if you can help me get my money back and also warn other people so he doesn’t hurt anyone else.

  2. Elijah Dean says:

    Its too bad you did not write on Mariano del Rosario’s wiki page. Now that I read about everything what he did I can’t believe Venus will give him another chance – for him to poop on! She is crazy if she thinks he is going to change now and be nice. I don’t think she will get her money back.

  3. teddy lee says:

    how come you don’t do his wiki yet every body need to know about mariano del rosario