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The Bell Tolls for Mariano del Rosario

venusvictrix says: I do not know where Mariano del Rosario matriculated. I only know that he was born Jan 10, 1947 in New York City and he grew up there.

The Avenger

The Avenger

Oh! Mariano del Rosario grew up? I missed that part. His behavior makes it seem he’s got a terminal case of the terrible twos…

Unfortunately, I dont know the name of the businessman who wasted his money when he hired Mariano del Rosario to set up and manage his call center but I can find out if you think it is really important for getting my money back from Mariano del Rosario.

It’s probably not “mandatory,” but it’s good to have every nail in his coffin [and revelation regarding his “habits”] a matter of public record. Wouldn’t hurt to have this information if you could get it without much of a struggle.

What I have are the details for the bounced checks he gave me.
Here they are:

Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company ( Metrobank)
Tordecillas St – Gil Puyat Ave. Branch, Makati City

1. Check number 6411452964 dated: June 5, 2007
2. Check number 6411452953 dated: July 15, 2007
3. Check number 6411452962 dated: Aug 17, 2007
4. Check number 6411452945 dated: July 9, 2007

All the above checks bounced when I deposited them and the bank told me his account was closed.

I gave the bounced checks to a lawyer. The problem is that Mariano del Rosario left the country right after he gave me these checks. Criminal charges can be filed against him, but since court cases over here takes so long, I dont know how long it would take to put Mariano “Juni” del Rosario behind bars. Also since Mariano del Rosario ran away to the US, even with a guilty verdict he cant be put in prison unless he steps on Philippine soil again.

Why am I not surprised. Did he give you the checks on his way to the airport?

  • The Philippines and the United States has [sic] a treaty on extradition, also known as the “RP-US Extradition Treaty,” which was executed on 13 November 1994. The pertinent Philippine law, on the other hand, is Presidential Decree No. 1069, issued by President Ferdinand Marcos on 13 January 1977.
  • Extradition is a two-way street, so to speak. The Philippines could issue a request for extradition with the proper authorities of the United States, and vice versa.

Sadly, a “nobody” who’d stolen US$5000 from a rich person could probably be extradited. Conversely, a rich person who steals US$55,000 from a “nobody” is very unlikely to suffer that fate.

However! It sounds as though Mariano del Rosario has enjoyed quite a storied career [as a grifter]. Perhaps we can track down other of his victims — especially those who might be considered “important” — and make it worth a class-action extradition.

I dont have any concrete information about whether he scammed anyone else but I have heard he didn’t pay all of his employees the money he owed them. I am not in the same social circles as Mariano del Rosario was when he was in Manila so I dont know who his friends are or were. We dont have any mutual friends.

I’m guessing Mariano del Rosario doesn’t have any friends [and is a very lonely man]. I have some ideas re tracking down more of his victims. We have not yet begun to fight.

All I know about him is that he is the brother of one of my late Mom’s closest friends. On the basis of that I lent him the money.

And that is what makes Mariano del Rosario’s actions especially disgusting, despicable, and egregious. I fear for members of the online tennis club in the San Francisco Bay Area, and for other unsuspecting contacts, online and off.

His former secretary told me he paid his delinquent membership dues in the Manila Polo Club before he left. He apparently sold his club share and paid them with the proceeds of that sale. He didn’t want a bad name with rich people but he doesnt care what poor people think about him.

Typical. But his famous, football-playing sons may have had something to say about that, as well. Having Mariano del Rosario as one’s “father” must be humiliating enough, in private. To be publically humiliated for this accident of birth would be a nightmare.

Yes, he was playing tennis when he was here. He was pratically living in the Manila Polo Club. He would play tennis, eat there, hold meetings there. He was living the life of a retired millionaire!

After he gave me the bad checks he told me that he had very serious heart problems and had an operation on his heart and his doctor told him he couldnt work or do anything very physical and now he is playing tennis again at the tennis club in San Francisco? He is an awful awful man!

Indeed! Though I’m surprised he could convince you that he had a heart. Did he say for how long he was under doctor’s orders not to exert himself? Did he have this alleged “heart operation” in the Philippines or in the US? Do you believe that Mariano del Rosario had heart surgery? Honestly, to me it sounds as though he’s been watching too many bad movies.

The only contact info I have for him is an email address and a telephone number in California.

The last email address he gave me was I have emailed him countless times at this address. Sometimes he replies, sometimes he doesnt. I suppose it depends on who is emailing him. Grrrrrr….

Well, I think it’s time I contacted Mariano del Rosario. I’ll give the search engines another couple of days to chew on these posts, and approach him on Monday. If he doesn’t respond to me [within 24 hours], I’ll start asking questions of his contacts, and every associate and employer [no matter how ex] I can find. And I’ll make a few calls to possible [and previously alleged] “professional associations.”

P.S. Please give me every phone number you’ve ever had for Mariano del Rosario, whether in the US or the Philippines. You’d be amazed at the kind of information which can be found when researching a long-disconnected telephone number.

Hang in there, VenusVictrix! We’re headed into the home stretch, now. You’re going to get some kind of satisfaction in the not-too-distant future. Let’s hope it’s the satisfaction of having your money returned rather than the satisfaction of having ringside seats for Mariano del Rosario’s Waterloo…


  1. venusvictrix says:

    Thank you for your help! It amazes me how much info you have unearthed about Mariano del Rosario in such short span of time.

    If I remember correctly, he had his alleged heart by-pass operation sometime in the Spring of 2008 in the US. He told me after the “operation” that his doctor told him not to work until the doctor gives him a clean bill of health. I called him again in the Fall of 2008 and he told me that he was still under doctors orders not to work and that his heart problem was very serious.

    Then in the early Spring of 2009, I managed to get in touch with him on the phone again and he told me he still wasnt working because of his bad heart.

    I was very surprised when you found out he has been playing tennis again! I also heard that he is trying to get a job at the VA. I dont know if he wants to manage their computers or if he is pretending to be a doctor now but either way I feel sorry for American veterans if Mariano del Rosario is working there!

    The last telephone number I have for him is 650-515-2592. I was told its a telephone number in CA.

    When I try to call the number all I get is a voice mail recording telling me to leave a message. Its obvious that he is hiding. He screens the messages then replies to those he wants to.

    I am praying very hard that you are able to get him to repay me. I have health problems and there is no one else I can run to for help.

    Unlike Mariano del Rosario who has siblings who can help him in many ways, I dont have anyone since my mother died. I dont have brothers or sisters or other relatives who will look out for me. If ever Mariano del Rosario cant afford to pay for a place to stay I am sure his family will let him live with them, and they will feed him and support him. If I lose the roof over my head I dont have anywhere to go and no one to turn to. I will literally be out in the streets. I dont have anyone who will take me in, feed me or support me.

    I get depressed thinking about the injustice he has done to me. He is playing tennis in San Francisco while I am worrying because I cant afford my medication so I cant go back to work and take care of myself. Soon I might lose my apartment. I am having these problems because Mariano del Rosario stole the inheritance left to me by my mother and he knew I was not a rich woman. There is something terribly unjust about that.

  2. faqgirl says:

    I never met Mariano del Rosario but I wish he was never even born. He makes me sick. Good luck with getting her money back for venusvictris!

  3. astou says:

    what you will do to him???!!! 🙂

  4. Avenger says:

    What will I do to him? I will make him famous! 😉

  5. tennislover says:

    I have been following this blog since July. This is a great blog for helping people get justice because the normal ways are too tedious and expensive and they usually only work for rich people anyway.

    I am an avid tennis fan and I play three times a week. If I ever meet Mariano del Rosario I will tell him to his face that I know he rips off people. I will make sure everyone who plays tennis in my club is warned about this unscrupulous man. I wish I played at TennisSF!

    Praying with you that venusvictric gets her money back soon.

  6. Nicki says:

    What’s happening with Venus? I read your blog last Christmas and got totally bummed out. I came back to see if there was a happy ending! I guess not if I can’t find it anywhere on the blog. That whole family is screwed up. Please tell me the ex wife doesn’t still have Venuses earrings! I hope Venus got her operation.