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Mariano del Rosario: the Beginning of the End

venusvictrix says: It amazes me how much info you have unearthed about Mariano del Rosario in such short span of time.

The Avenger

The Avenger

Aw, shucks. T’waren’t nuthin’, ma’am. Seriously. Just wait’ll you see what we find when we start doing some real digging. Past experience suggests there are multiple closets filled with Mariano del Rosario’s skeletons. His clock is ticking! I sent him an email, Monday. He’ll either pay you in cash, or in ways he never dreamed…

He had his alleged heart by-pass operation in the Spring of 2008 in the US. He told me his doctor told him not to work until the doctor gives him a clean bill of health. Fall of 2008 he told me that he was still under doctors orders not to work and that his heart problem was very serious. Spring of 2009, he told me he still wasnt working because of his bad heart.

There’s definitely something wrong with Mariano del Rosario’s heart, but it’s nothing a doctor can fix. He’s also got a few screws loose, and — unless you soon have your money — I look forward to tightening those, myself!

I was very surprised when you found out he has been playing tennis again! I also heard that he is trying to get a job at the VA. I dont know if he wants to manage their computers or if he is pretending to be a doctor now but either way I feel sorry for American veterans if Mariano del Rosario is working there!

The VA and TennisSF will most definitely be contacted, next week [unless you’ve received full payment from Mariano del Rosario]. We’ve also decided to offer a reward in the amount of $10,000 to whomever is able to provide information resulting in an arrest, prosecution, and felony conviction of Mariano del Rosario. Punks like him tend to have lots of victims, unfortunately.

If he decides he’s not going to pay you, having a criminal record in the US [for other offenses] should make it harder for him to continue victimizing others, here. And if we can find an “important victim” in the Philippines, we might actually be able to have him extradited — especially if he’s become a known felon in the US.

The last telephone number I have for him is 650-515-2592. I was told its a telephone number in CA. When I try to call the number all I get is a voice mail recording telling me to leave a message. Its obvious that he is hiding. He screens the messages then replies to those he wants to.

The area code is for San Mateo and San Bruno; the number is for a landline technically in San Bruno — which is definitely no Burlingame! But there are lots of cheap apartments. It’s also an unpublished number. I wonder how often Mariano del Rosario has felt it necessary to change his phone number [and address].

I am praying very hard that you are able to get him to repay me. I have health problems and there is no one else I can run to for help.

Unlike Mariano del Rosario who has siblings who can help him in many ways, I dont have anyone since my mother died. I dont have brothers or sisters or other relatives who will look out for me. If ever Mariano del Rosario cant afford to pay for a place to stay I am sure his family will let him live with them, and they will feed him and support him. If I lose the roof over my head I dont have anywhere to go and no one to turn to. I will literally be out in the streets. I dont have anyone who will take me in, feed me or support me.

I get depressed thinking about the injustice he has done to me. He is playing tennis in San Francisco while I am worrying because I cant afford my medication so I cant go back to work and take care of myself. Soon I might lose my apartment. I am having these problems because Mariano del Rosario stole the inheritance left to me by my mother and he knew I was not a rich woman. There is something terribly unjust about that.

You’re absolutely right. Unfortunately, life isn’t fair. As so beautifully said by Bertrand Russell, “in the part of this universe that we know, there is great injustice. Often the good suffer, often the wicked prosper, and one hardly knows which of those is the more annoying.”

Stories like yours are all too common, I fear, but we’ve devoted much of our lives to helping right such wrongs, whenever possible. We seem to have a flair for the work. We definitely have a passion for it. And you have my word. We will do everything within our power to see that your kindness and generosity toward Mariano del Rosario will not, in the end, be punished.

Tomorrow, I will post the email he recieved, Monday night or Tuesday morning. He has been warned. But he may not fully understand the gravity of his situation. Improving his comprehension will be my pleasure…


  1. anneldceacy says:

    what happen next???!!!

  2. Avenger says:

    Stay tuned! If Mariano del Rosario hasn’t repaid VenusVictrix by Monday, he’ll soon wish he had. You might want to make popcorn! Believe it or not, I don’t enjoy bringing the hammer down on the Mariano del Rosarios of this world, but somebody’s got to do it. And if that somebody has to be me, the least I can do is make it “entertaining.”

    Let’s just hope that Mariano del Rosario decides to do the right thing, and save himself a world o’ hurt [and a can o’ whoop-ass]. If we can’t haul him into a court of law, we can certainly resign him to a very limited number of career options. When we’re done with him, he’ll have to rely upon his family’s largesse, as he’d be lucky to find a place on a landscaping crew, or in a kitchen, somewhere. And I have a feeling Mariano del Rosario believes himself “too good” for such menial tasks.

    But at least he won’t ever again be able to steal from anyone with an internet connection! And that is as much a goal as getting VenusVictrix repaid [and finding others who’ve already been his victims].

    We’ll know which direction we’re headed, come Monday!

  3. jparker says:

    Thanks for doing this. I think I know someone else who was a victim of Mariano del Rosario. I will try to contact her and make sure. I hope venusvictrix gets her money back! Maybe you can help my friend too. I have not seen her in almost two years but I think I can find her again.

  4. erabannoca says:

    Is terrible what some peoples do for money and a lot of rich peoples do these bad things. I hope this woman get her money back and you will make the man a BIG problem for his future!

  5. julierox says:

    I never met Mariano del Rosario but if I did I think I would spit on him. I hope you have very good luck getting the money back for venusvictrix!

  6. Waltkafe says:

    I hope she gets her money back from this robber man but it will also be fun to watch you make him sorry he did not pay her a long time ago. I hate people who do these things and the worst thief is always from a rich family!

  7. boonelefleur says:

    I was looking for information on call centers and I am very glad I found your website! I would never use Global Call International anyway because there is no website for that company so I would never take them seriously but I will remember the name Mariano del Rosario! I hope venusvictrix gets her money back and that other people will see this website before they try to do business with him. Laws will never stop rich people stealing from poor people but good information can make it harder for rich people to steal from poor people!

  8. TypeTrue says:

    This is funny. My boss told me to do some research looking for call centers today so I am at least the second person who found this blog because of that. I agree with the poster who said he would not be interested in a business that doesn’t even have a web site but I am still glad I found out about Global Call International. Before I left work I told my boss I still need to do more research on Monday but I could tell him now he never wants to do business with anyone named Mariano del Rosario! ha ha ha ha ha ha I hope this lady gets her money back.

  9. amytut says:

    My Dad died on Christmas Eve in 2007 and he left me thirty five thousand dollars. I was surprised because I didn’t know he had any money saved. He paid for his cremation a long time ago and he always paid his bills and did not use credit cards or have loans so he did not have any expenses but the estate attorney told me I had to wait for probate to be over and after that he gave me a check for $24.10 and the rest of my Dad’s money went to the attorney for his fees! I told him it was not fair because he did not do anything except wait for probate to be over. I was really mad and he laughed and said what are you going to do about it and then he told me maybe I should sue him. Maybe it’s terrible but he was killed by a drunk driver on New Years this year and I would have been more happy to have my money but I laughed when I read about the accident in the newspaper. I also hope you will get your money back venusvictrus! I wish I got my money back. I get so mad when I hear stories like this.

  10. Vorrein says:

    This is a wonderful site and I also hope she get her money back. I like your greeting cards too and I bought one to tell my ex to stop bothering me!

  11. venusvictrix says:

    Thank you everyone! I am am praying that I get my money back from Mariano del Rosario soon. He is a thief, plain and simple.

  12. pavence says:

    I am also find your website for looking call centers in America! Thank you for tell us about global call international and mariano del rosario. Is very important informacion to my company. I hope she get her money from this terrible man!

  13. GreegeS says:

    I book marked this blog and I hope the woman gets her money back too. Its sad that there are so many thiefs in this world.

  14. Yvette Dauty says:


  15. msBeichses says:

    Mariano de Rosario is a EVIL JERK! MAKE HIM PAY!

  16. Petey says:

    I found you on zazzle in the greeting cards and came here to see if you have tee shirts. I read all of the posts about Mariano del Rosario and I think I will remember his name until I die. I know its not funny what he did but your website makes me laugh. I hope you will make some tee shirts and I hope you are succesful getting venus money back! This is a good blog for helping people.

  17. lilyfink says:

    I will come back tomorrow and see if Mariano del Rosario gve venus her money! This is like a movie and I think he should be very afraid. tee hee

  18. KTang says:

    Get Mariano del Rosario where it hurts! From what I have read, he values his “good reputation”. Destroy it. People like that are a waste of space. He should not be allowed to continue living an easy life while his victims suffer.

  19. Martin says:

    Mariano del Rosario is a first degree swindler. He is a US citizen that goes to another country, swindles people there then runs back to the US to hide. He should be tracked down and forced to pay venusvictrix, with interest.

  20. rivermaiden says:

    Thanks for this great blog! Its nice to see that there is someone who is helping ordinary people who have been wronged. There are too many Mariano del Rosarios running around who are never caught. They think they can go scott free. Well, watch out Mariano del Rosario! Your time is up!

  21. profiler says:

    Very interesting website. Good luck helping this woman get her money. Mariano del Rosario sounds like a textbook case and I can almost guarantee this is a lifestyle for him. Here in San Francisco he has a lot of competition but he does not sound smart enough to reel in the big fish. He will continue to prey on the weakest in the herd.

  22. brohamz says:

    i worked in call centers more than 20 yrs and i never heard of global call international or mariano del rosario. hes a scammer but i dont know anyone who would believe his stories if they know any thing at all about call centers. if he doesnt have he is a real joke. i am sorry he stole your money but i think he got your money because you dont know a thing about business. there is no real business that does not have a website. hope you get your money back.

  23. olepadre says:

    I was looking for information on the artist Mariano del Rosario and found this blog. I am very glad this criminal is a different Mariano del Rosario! I am also glad I found this blog because I play tennis in the Bay Area and I know many venture capitalists and CEOs of high-tech companies. I will ask them – and warn them – about this Mariano del Rosario. Nice blog. Very helpful.

  24. venusvictrix says:

    Hi Everyone! Thank you for all the good wishes. I remembered another story about Mariano del Rosario that shows he is a big time loser.

    When I was asking people about him and he was giving me bad checks, I was told that he tells people before he relocated to the Philippines he was living in Burlingame and had a big house, a very good job, several expensive cars, etc. He said he sold everything to move to the Philippines and put up an IT business.

    When he didn’t start his business he told everyone he couldn’t because he lost a lot of his money after he gave it to one of his sons to invest in the US stock market. Can anyone enlighten me as to why he would entrust hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars to a 20-something-year-old son to play the stock market? Unless that son was a financial genius, no one in his right mind would do that.

    Either Mariano del Rosario is a fool or this is another one of his lies to get people to sympathize with him when he was trying to get people to invest in his “business.”

    Anyway, I hope this blog will warn people about Mariano del Rosario. If ever anyone meets him, dont even talk to him! Avoid him like the H1N1 virus. He is a shame to his family, a loser and a con man.

    I really appreciate all of the support you are all giving me. It means a lot to me because this has been very depressing and I was feeling alone. I’m so glad this blog started again!

  25. how-wierd says:

    I was looking up some of my past Colleagues and ran across this blog. I worked for Mario in 1988 – 91 when he was the I/T Director at Concorde Trading Co. in Hartford, IL. You think he’s shifty now…. I have one word. WOW!! you should have seen him at work back in the 80’s.

    One year a co-worker and I were both skipped over getting a raise. Mario told me to submit an Invoice to our employer for Contractor Labor with 50 hours at $40/hr. When the CFO saw this bill he pulled me and my co-worker into a conference room and threatened us with legal action.

    I informed the CFO that Mario told us this is the only way we were going to receive our bonus. The CFO was “pissed off”. The next day the CFO hand delivered us checks and informed us Mario was going to have to answer to the board for his actions.

    So in my eyes Mario has also been very untrustworthy and it appears by this blog he has not stopped.

  26. venusvictrix says:

    Hello how-weird. Its good you found this blog. Thank you for sharing your experience with Mariano del Rosario. From what you said he looks like he has been shifty even when he was working in Concorde Trading. Maybe thats the real reason he had to relocate to the Philippines in the late 90’s. He probably was fired by his employer.

    He never told me or anyone the full reason he moved to the Philippines. All he said was that he wanted to start a business in this country.

    Fyi, my lawyer has written a demand letter to him c/o his sister as we do not have his present address in San Mateo, CA. If you or anyone who reads this blog finds his present address, please share it in this blog.

    Many thanks again!

  27. Julie says:

    Very interesting website. Good luck helping this woman get her money. Mariano del Rosario sounds like a textbook case and I can almost guarantee this is a lifestyle for him. Here in San Francisco he has a lot of competition but he does not sound smart enough to reel in the big fish. He will continue to prey on the weakest in the herd.

  28. Jon says:

    Mariano del Rosario is a criminal. He should be in prison.