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The Avenger

The Avenger

I must say, it’s wonderful to have so many comments. Thanks to all who’ve stepped forward to speak out! I wish I had time to write personal notes. JParker, if you can find your friend and she was indeed ripped off by Mariano del Rosario — PLEASE do let us know!

AmyTut, I’m very sorry about your Dad, and about the thieving attorney. We definitely would have gone to bat for you over that one, but the Universe had other plans.

A special thank you to everyone who lives in the Bay Area and plans to help spread the word about Mariano del Rosario!

venusvictrix says: I remembered another story about Mariano del Rosario that shows he is a big time loser.

Do tell!

When I was asking people about him and he was giving me bad checks, I was told that he tells people before he relocated to the Philippines he was living in Burlingame and had a big house, a very good job, several expensive cars, etc. He said he sold everything to move to the Philippines and put up an IT business.

When he didn’t start his business he told everyone he couldn’t because he lost a lot of his money after he gave it to one of his sons to invest in the US stock market. Can anyone enlighten me as to why he would entrust hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars to a 20-something-year-old son to play the stock market? Unless that son was a financial genius, no one in his right mind would do that.

Either Mariano del Rosario is a fool or this is another one of his lies to get people to sympathize with him when he was trying to get people to invest in his “business.”

What I find especially fascinating [and equally outrageous] is that he has no problem ruining his son‘s reputation in order to “enhance” his own! I don’t believe for a moment that he went to the Philippines with hundreds of thousands of dollars, let alone that he allowed his son full access to such funds to play the stock market. That’s disgusting. He really is among the lowest of the low! His poor kids…

Anyway, I hope this blog will warn people about Mariano del Rosario. If ever anyone meets him, dont even talk to him! Avoid him like the H1N1 virus. He is a shame to his family, a loser and a con man.

I really appreciate all of the support you are all giving me. It means a lot to me because this has been very depressing and I was feeling alone. I’m so glad this blog started again!

And I’m glad you came to us when you did. It was synchronicity! Now, it’s time for some action. Here is the email I sent, a week ago, giving Mariano del Rosario a chance to redeem himself. I even got a special email address, in his [dis]honor! He chose not to respond. Tomorrow, I contact TennisSF in search of other victims. And so it begins…


Before Contacting TennisSF, Parsec, Lucent, Concorde, Micronetics, GlobeQuest, Epson, IBM, MVR, USF, CSM, ETC…

From: YourWorst Nightmare <>
To: Mariano del Rosario <>
Tuesday, July 21, 2009 2:15:48 AM

To:    Mariano “Juni” del Rosario
Nee:  10th January 1947  New York, NY

More than five years ago, you, Mariano del Rosario, borrowed a sum of money from Ms. X (Manilla, Philippines). The loan remains unpaid, and, with penalties and interest, the amount now due and owing to Ms. X is US$55,000.00.

Ms. X contacted us after being informed of the difficulties inherent in having you extradited to the Philippines to face numerous charges for fraud, including but not limited to checks written on a closed account.

Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company ( Metrobank)
Tordecillas St – Gil Puyat Ave. Branch, Makati City

1. Check number 6411452964 dated: June 5, 2007
2. Check number 6411452953 dated: July 15, 2007
3. Check number 6411452962 dated: Aug 17, 2007
4. Check number 6411452945 dated: July 9, 2007

We accepted Ms. X’s case, and the details have been discussed on one of our blogs for several weeks (which discussions are now indexed and archived by yahoo, google, altavista, dogpile, infospace, and other major search engines).

Unless Ms. X receives full repayment — of the loan, plus penalties and interest (in the amount of US$55,000), and our collection fee of 15% (in the amount of US$8250.00), for a total of US$63,250.00 — this week, on Monday (27th July 2009) we will begin contacting your acquaintances (personal and professional), associates and employers (past and present, national and international) in search of other victims.

Our efforts will not cease until Ms. X has been repaid. We suggest you consider the ramifications of said efforts and have the monies wired to Ms. X, immediately, if not sooner.

In the meantime, you might wish to see that which will be discovered by those who do their homework before loaning money to, employing, and associating or otherwise becoming involved with one Mr. Mariano “Juni” del Rosario.

Sincere Regards,
Your Worst Nightmare


  1. rivermaiden says:

    Has Mariano del Rosario replied to your email? I am willing to bet he thinks it is unimportant. He doesnt realize that with a non-reply he will feel the full force of shame heaped on him even if he does not feel shame for the things he is doing. I hope you make it very hard for him to steal from new people! He should be in jail for making checks to venusvictrix from a bank account that was closed!

  2. lnaBell says:

    Did you send the email to Mariano del Rosario’s tennis club in San Francisco? If I played tennis there I would not want him in my club. I am sure you are right he wants to meet rich people there and get money from them. I hope Venus gets her money back!

  3. venusvictrix says:

    Hi. Just to let you know a friend of mine called the telephone number of Mariano del Rosario. She told me its still active, but the voice message says “Mario” not Mariano del Rosario as it was previously. She knows him so she is sure it is him.

    He changed his voice message recording and he is not using his family name del Rosario any more. There is space in his answering machine to leave messages too so that means he has been checking them.

    He is still very much alive and kicking, he probably lives in San Mateo or San Bruno and he is hiding. If someone out there knows him or knows where he lives please post it on this blog.

    It is very important that I get my money back now. I went to my doctor a few days ago. After many tests he told me I need an operation. I dont have any health insurance. Until Mario or Mariano del Rosario gives me my money back, I wont be able to have the operation. I need the operation. If its not done very soon, the doctor said I could develop a life threatening condition.

    I appreciate everyone giving me so much support in this and I think maybe Mariano has seen this blog. I am getting hopeful that he will give me my money back.

  4. Rgee says:

    What a cad! I hope you find him soon and wring every dollar he has from his dirty hands. He owes venusvictrix, with interest! If anything happens to her, it will be in his conscience till the day he dies. I hope he still has a conscience. Good luck in helping get the money back!

  5. SallySeviase says:

    If I post my real feelings here it will be 20 pages long and all curse words! I am excited to see what happens when you contact all of the people you found. I hope you can tell them about Mariano del Rosario before he can steal from them! I like this blog.

  6. jameybanda says:

    Mariano del Rosario thinks he can act like he is a politician or a banker and do anything he wants like he is a king. I wish I could see Judge Judy talk to him on national tv. ha ha ha I agree with the poster who said he is SCUM!!!!!!!! I hope you get all of your money back venusvictrix.

  7. Ina Tensada says:

    If I was rich I would give venusvictix her money for the operation and then I would spend more money to make sure Mariano del Rosario will go to prison!

  8. MattUSA says:

    what is happening for this? i hope mariano del rosario loses everything he has and he is sent back to the philipines where he will rot in jail!

  9. demhen says:

    I hope venusvictrix gets her money back and Mariano del Rosario will burn in Hell.

  10. Creed says:

    The Bible says that it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God. Rich people can be criminals on earth and nothing ever happens to them and they think they are smart. Mariano del Rosario can go to church every day but he will still have to face God when he dies. I am praying for you venusvitrix. I hope you get your money back and nothing bad happens to you because Mariano del Rosario stole your money. If you can’t have your operation because he stole your money it will be on his hands if something bad happens to you. I will keep praying for you. I don’t know why God lets things like this happen to poor people but I know God loves you. Creed

  11. mimikox says:

    I keep coming here to see what happened. I hope you are having good luck getting venisvixtric her money back! Mariano del Rosario and his whole family are very bad people. His sister should know better and not send him to live with her friend. I was shocked she will do that and then not help! Maybe these people are rich in this life but I will not want to be them when it is time to answer to God! I am praying for you and hope you get your money and your operation. If you are getting worse and something happen to you it will be Mariano del Rosario fault. He is SO EVIL! mimi

  12. Royce says:

    This Mariano del Rosario should pick up his sh*t like a man! I hope karma’s waiting around the corner to beat him senseless!

  13. Sean Orr says:

    Mariano del Rosario is a evil disgusting creap. I knew a man like this once who stole all my mothers savings and she worried so much she had a heart attack and died. I hate people like this and I hope venusvictrix gets her money back and then Mariano del Rosario will have a heart attack like my mom!

  14. wumngurl says:

    did you write to the tennis club about mariano del rosario? this is like a mystery and I want to know what happened! I hope you are quiet because you are getting venus money back.

  15. marapiaf says:

    Hi, I am so glad to find someone do something about people like Mariano del Rosario. Can you imagine a person do these things without worry? I hope also for Venus get her money that was stolen and even more I will hope he can not steal other people money in the future. This man and all the man and woman like him must to be in jail for their life.

  16. carolsamuel says:

    Men like Mariano del Rosario always think they are so smart when really they are just evil. I can think of lots of ways to steal from people but I would never do that and its not because I am too stupid to steal. I am praying for VenusVictrix to get her money back and I hope this blog will warn everyone so Mariano del Rosario will have a very hard time stealing from people in the future!

  17. carolwaters says:

    Hi, Whats happening with Mariano del Rosario? Did he pay?

  18. Seann Vanity says:

    Just saying hello there!
    Sean Vanity