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Mariano del Rosario’s Trail of Tears

venusvictrix says: Yes, the country club where his sons teach football is the same well known country club where Mariano “Juni” del Rosario was hanging out and telling everyone what a great business man he is…the few times I did go to the country club I would see his name posted in the “delinquent accounts” list.

Mariano del Rosario is a very bad boy.

Mariano del Rosario writes bad checks!

How were the delinquents “publicized?” Was there a big sign in the lobby? He claims an “affiliation” (in his konnects profile) with both the Manila Polo Club and the Eagle Ridge Golf and Country Club. Are you referring to either of these?

It was interesting to find that Mariano del Rosario has joined TennisSF (San Francisco’s online tennis league) — and feels it has exceeded his wildest expectations! Am sure he also feels it’s a breeding ground for dupes. Those who have Money usually accept their losses when scammed by someone like Mariano del Rosario. They don’t want the publicity resulting from legal action. Which makes it easier for him to continue paving his road to Hell.

I remember one time he was hired to set up and manage a call center in the Philippines. The business owner had a building where he wanted to start a call center. Somehow Mariano “Juni” del Rosario sweet talked him into hiring him as the managing partner. He was passing himself off as an IT consultant specializing in call centers then.

The businessman spent a huge sum of money to remodel the building and paid for all of the IT equipment Mariano “Juni” del Rosario told him he needed. This man paid the employees hired by Mariano as well and bought Mariano a new car. All of this plus he paid Mariano a lot of money to set up and run the operation.

I was told that after the businessman had finished doing everything Mariano “Juni” del Rosario told him was necessary to get the call center ready, Mariano “Juni” del Rosario was not able to manage the call center properly and he did not deliver all of the big name clients he had promised. Mariano “Juni” del Rosario made a lot of promises to this man and then he couldnt deliver on any of them. To be expected. HA!

After a few months, the businessman fired Mariano “Juni” del Rosario. Of course Mariano has never admitted he was fired but I know he was. He tells everyone that he did everything perfectly and then the business was so wonderful someone else hi-jacked the business from him.

Luckily the businessman saw through Mariano “Juni” del Rosario’s scam and fired him before the business was not salvageable. I hope the businessman was able to hire someone to manage the place properly so he did not lose all of his money because of Mariano del Rosario!

Mariano still got away with everything. He was paid a lot of money and probably got kickbacks on all of the equipment he bought for the company. He also got to keep the car.

Can you get me a name (for the “businessman”)? Any chance he could be the person attached to this email address — rrcagurangan at globetel dot com dot ph?

Mariano del Rosario is a very busy boy. He claims to be “the country representative for Call Center Dialers, specifically Parsec Technologies.” Which country?

Mariano del Rosario also tries to imply that he is/was a major force with Lucent Technologies, IBM, Epson, MVR Systems, Concorde Trading, and more. Why doesn’t Mariano del Rosario just get a job and work if he’s so talented! He wouldn’t have felt it necessary to steal your inheritance.

BTW…do you know whether or not Mariano del Rosario matriculated from the Lasalle Military Academy in Oakdale, NY (Class of ’64)? There’s a Mariano del Rosario listed for that school, on classmates. Cracks me up that a military academy considers itself primarily a “Catholic school.” Jesus must be so proud…

We need to stop screwing around. What’s his banker brother’s name? Do you have any “concrete information” (not yet divulged, herein) regarding Mariano del Rosario’s previous scams? Can you find out if he ever paid his bill at the country club? The polo club? Did he play tennis in the Philippines? I also need every bit of contact info you’ve ever had, no matter how old. And I need the info re the bad checks he wrote when “repaying” the loan you made to him (Mariano del Rosario).

Are you ready to get your money back?!? Let’s go.


  1. venusvictrix says:

    In reply to your questions:

    I do not know where Mariano del Rosario matriculated. I only know that he was born Jan 10,1947 in New York City and he grew up there.

    Unfortunately, I dont know the name of the businessman who wasted his money when he hired Mariano del Rosario to set up and manage his call center but I can find out if you think it is really important for getting my money back from Mariano del Rosario.

    What I have are the details for the bounced checks he gave me.
    Here they are:

    Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company ( Metrobank)
    Tordecillas St – Gil Puyat Ave. Branch, Makati City

    1. Check number 6411452964 dated: June 5, 2007
    2. Check number 6411452953 dated: July 15, 2007
    3. Check number 6411452962 dated: Aug 17, 2007
    4. Check number 6411452945 dated: July 9, 2007

    All the above checks bounced when I deposited them and the bank told me his account was closed.

    I gave the bounced checks to a lawyer. The problem is that Mariano del Rosario left the country right after he gave me these checks. Criminal charges can be filed against him, but since court cases over here takes so long, I dont know how long it would take to put Mariano “Juni” del Rosario behind bars. Also since Mariano del Rosario ran away to the US, even with a guilty verdict he cant be put in prison unless he steps on Philippine soil again.

    I dont have any concrete information about whether he scammed anyone else but I have heard he didn’t pay all of his employees the money he owed them. I am not in the same social circles as Mariano del Rosario was when he was in Manila so I dont know who his friends are or were. We dont have any mutual friends.

    All I know about him is that he is the brother of one of my late Mom’s closest friends. On the basis of that I lent him the money.

    The little that I do know of his activities here is from the things he told me and things his former secretary told me.

    His former secretary told me he paid his delinquent membership dues in the Manila Polo Club before he left. He apparently sold his club share and paid them with the proceeds of that sale. He didn’t want a bad name with rich people but he doesnt care what poor people think about him.

    Yes, he was playing tennis when he was here. He was pratically living in the Manila Polo Club. He would play tennis, eat there, hold meetings there. He was living the life of a retired millionaire!

    After he gave me the bad checks he told me that he had very serious heart problems and had an operation on his heart and his doctor told him he couldnt work or do anything very physical and now he is playing tennis again at the tennis club in San Francisco? He is an awful awful man!

    The only contact info I have for him is an email address and a telephone number in California.

    The last email address he gave me was I have emailed him countless times at this address. Sometimes he replies, sometimes he doesnt. I suppose it depends on who is emailing him. Grrrrrr….

  2. NickLarson says:

    ha ha that dude looks like even he dont believe his lyin ass what a tool

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  5. George Berko says:

    What a sad story. I hope it will have a happy ending for Venus.

  6. Rupert Bupkis says:

    what an asshole

  7. bigg xero says:

    i hope you make him cry for a long time

  8. Richard says:

    make him pay twice