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Ahhh…What the Hell…

UPDATE:  We just received word that Venus sent an email to TennisSF a few days ago, asking for their assistance in tracking down other possible victims of Mariano del Rosario’s schemes. It will be interesting to see how they handle the situation. Will they ignore it? Will they do whatever it takes to protect their […]

Mariano del Rosario’s Trail of Tears

venusvictrix says: Yes, the country club where his sons teach football is the same well known country club where Mariano “Juni” del Rosario was hanging out and telling everyone what a great business man he is…the few times I did go to the country club I would see his name posted in the “delinquent accounts” […]

VenusVictrix Rides Again!

venusvictrix says: My apologies for disappearing. My past few days have been spent trying to sell some of my things. I need the cash to pay my bills. I take daily medications for my asthma, so the medicine bills can add up to a pretty penny. Very sorry to hear of your hardship; very glad […]