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The Bell Tolls for Mariano del Rosario

venusvictrix says: I do not know where Mariano del Rosario matriculated. I only know that he was born Jan 10, 1947 in New York City and he grew up there. Oh! Mariano del Rosario grew up? I missed that part. His behavior makes it seem he’s got a terminal case of the terrible twos… Unfortunately, […]

Mariano del Rosario’s Trail of Tears

venusvictrix says: Yes, the country club where his sons teach football is the same well known country club where Mariano “Juni” del Rosario was hanging out and telling everyone what a great business man he is…the few times I did go to the country club I would see his name posted in the “delinquent accounts” […]

The Zen of Mariano Maintenance

venusvictrix says I feel bad about Mariano del Rosario’s sister. My late Mother loved her so much and had only good words for her. I know this is very difficult for you emotionally, as well as financially. But it’s sad that Nena del Rosario-Villanueva’s love for her dear friend (and your late mother) hasn’t been […]

Mariano del Rosario Gets Wikified

venusvictrix says: Mariano was the only one who stayed with my Mom. My Mom didnt mind as it was only for a few months. She did it out of friendship with Mariano’s sister. Again, I continue to be shocked that Mariano del Rosario’s sister (Natividad “Nena” del Rosario-Villanueva) would place your mother in harm’s way […]

Nena del Rosario-Villanueva?

venusvictrix says: Ok, ok, I give up. You are correct. I should not make excuses for Mariano del Rosario’s family. I was thinking deeply about what you wrote. You are correct I am allowing myself to be a doormat to these people. Maybe I was scared that if I upset them by being too forceful […]